Coming from a lazy person I know how hard it can be to keep your bedroom clean and tidy especially when you're busy or just don't want to do it. Here are a few things I've gotten into the habit of doing that help me keep my room tidy and somewhat clean.

1) Clean up as you go.
When you get undressed put anything dirty in your washing basket if you have one in your room or in a pile by the door. When they're in the way of the door there's a chance you'll pick them up as you leave your room... there's always the chance you'll step over them haha but if you get into the habit of picking them up as you leave then that will help keep your room tidy.
With clean clothes put them away straight away, don't throw them on your bed or "the chair" put them away!
Same goes with anything else. Shoes, books, make up, accessories, jewelry. Anything and everything.

2) Have storage to put things in. I have just a plain cardboard box for my shoes and just some other boxes with study things in. Desks with lots of storage, sets of draws don't necessarily have to be occupied with clothing items and installing shelves for your books instead of having them in piles everywhere. Keeping things out of sight make your room look less cluttered.

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3) As soon as you get up make your bed. When your bed is tidy it instantly makes the rest of the room look tidy.

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4) Weekly I will change my sheets, empty my bin if it needs to be emptied and vacuum. Other things you could do is wipe any areas down that need to be wiped down, wash the windows and mirrors.

5) I would say every couple of months go through everything in your room and declutter. Clothes, make up, paper, books, etc. It will depend on how much stuff you have and how often you buy new things. I personally don't buy too many things and I've cleaned out my room so many times I don't have anything to chuck out so I usually don't declutter once a month, the next time might be in January.

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Use this to help you declutter :)

That's all I do to help me keep my room tidy, though I might be lazy I hate the mess so I need to clean up after myself. :)