Hey hearters!!

That's my first article and I'm very excited for it! I've always wanted to write more about the images I post there, and there it is! But now let's start talking about the title: Fall Outfits Ideas.

I've choose two things I love, autumn and outfits. Everytime I watch for autumn outfits on this site, I always see girls with t-shirts, shorts dresses, short skirts etc. very cute but, considering that I live in Milan, It's not very helpful! So I thought about different (and warm) ideas, let's start!

autumn, bad, and bag image
I'll start with something simple, not too much classy, I think this outfit is perfect for any occasion: school, work, going out, raiding a horse, anything you want. The heel is not high, the mini bag pack is very cute, the sweater is warm but not too much: just perfect!
fashion, style, and outfit image
Let's be a liiiittle bit more classy, those low toe shoes with a long jacket looks just perfect together! It's a very versatile look that you can wear in any occasion. Love it.
fashion, outfit, and style image
I think brown tones are really perfect for this season, and I personally love this color on brunettes. There I propose you a poncho witch is, in my opinion, a great choose for this cold-but-not-that-cold weather and a simply beige bag witch adds a classy touch.
autumn, bag, and beige image
That's for the really classy and feminine girls who are not afraid to attract the attention (so not me), those decollette shoes are very classy, but they don't warm your feet too much, but if you are brave enough you can rock them in front of the Duomo of Milano or anywhere you want!
fashion, outfit, and style image
Let's finish with a cozy, simple and comfortable outfit who don't attract attention but warm you up and make you feel and look like a grey burrito (I LOVE IT). That's the perfect choice for a cold morning, for going to school or work, it will make you comfy for the whole day.

And for now that's it! If you want an advice, or simply wanna talk send me a postcard, I always answer at everyone, love you, see you in the next article!!

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(Sorry for any eventual grammatical mistakes, I'm Italian.)