This, is the story of a girl
A pure soul, who's heart was like an opal pearl
She had a mind of her own
And seemed to belong to another world, one still unknown

It appeared as if she was part of the earth
Rather than the people in it
Alone by the sea for hours she would sit
Glancing at the shimmering light the sun casted on the water
As if it was the ashes of her a bit

No one knew much about her
And often would they compare her to winter
For her shadow was rusteling in the trees at night
And whisper in the air, leaving silvery specks of light

The legend spoke about a girl
A girl who loved winter like nothing else existed
And for cause they compared the two
For in her mind, she was alone and misunderstood

But in winter she trusted
She found herself in the snowy nights
Like the season, she was cold yet beautiful
A magical and mysterious sight

One day, on glacial december dawn
She was found outside, laying ice cold on the snow
Yet her heart was still warm
And beside her, words read "Now, I'm home"