I like so much the Rap and Hip-Hop, but for me, there is only one rapper who takes all the awards and praises because he's the best, well I'm talking about Eminem.
Here is a list of my favorite songs of Slim Shady, songs that can not miss in my day to day.

Cold Wind Blows

boy, fuck you, and fucking image

Without Me

eminem, slim shady, and without me image


eminem, gif, and superman image

The Real Slim Shady

eminem image

Rap God

eminem, gif, and Lyrics image

My Name Is

eminem, marshall, and my name is image

Kill You

beautiful, laugh, and pretty image

Lose Yourself

eminem and lose yourself image


eminem, stan, and slim shady image

8 Mile

eminem, slim shady, and marshall mathers image


actor, daughter, and eminem image

3 A.M

eminem, gif, and 3 am image

Careful What You Wish For

beautiful, laugh, and pretty image

Space Bound

actor, eminem, and famous image

Marshall Mathers

eminem, rap, and slim shady image

Forgot About Dre - Dr. Dre ft. Eminem

concert, fans, and music image

Brain Damage

beautiful, laugh, and pretty image

Here is the link to the playlist in Apple Music :)