Hi hearters,
today i've got a list with a couple of songs that makes me happy when i feel sad!
Just listen and you'll be happy in 1 2 3!
If you like my article, let me know and i'll make more of them for every mood. Sooo that's it! Hope you like it x
(Ps: i'm from Belgium and my English is not that good, sorry about that..)

#I want to hold your hand - The Beatles

john lennon, Paul McCartney, and ringo starr image music, vintage, and indie image

#Wake me up before you go go - Wham!

80s image pink, aesthetic, and pastel image

#Got my mind set on you - George Harrison

music, begin again, and movie image aesthetic, decor, and decoration image

#Sweet home Alabama - Lynyrd Skynyrd

music, grunge, and indie image book, flowers, and indie image

#Twist and shout - The Beatles

girl, vintage, and room image Paul McCartney, the beatles, and black and white image

#Please mr. postman - The Beatles

george harrison, john lennon, and Paul McCartney image autumn, fall, and music image

#September - Earth, wind and fire

girl, guitar, and music image maurice, white, and earth wind and fire image

#Ticket to ride - The Beatles

the beatles, beatles, and abbey road image music, rock, and vintage image

#Left hand free - Alt J

girl, music, and grunge image comfort, record player, and vintage image

Et voilà, hope u liked it! x