1. Haleb
These characters are written to be meant to be together. Hanna and Caleb's relationship gives me life. Both are my spirit animals.

caleb, hanna, and pll image
Prom Goals

The actors are otp material too.

haleb, pll, and pretty little liars image

2. Delena
I've always been team Damon. And always will be. This relationship is against the universe that has created doppelgangers and their bond, and still manages to prove that true love can overcome everything.

damon, tvd, and elena image
This kiss in the rain gives me high expectations

3. Sterek
The love-hate relationship I need. You would be lying if you say that you didn't feel the tension between these two.

derek, teen wolf, and sterek image

4. Scallison
I will forever be bitter about Allison's death. They had to be together. They were meant to be together.

teen wolf, scott mccall, and allison argent image

5. Stydia
I waited 5 seasons for Lydia to realize that Stiles is her other half. I think it was kind of worth the way. Stiles is every girl's dream boyfriends: carrying, devoted, funny. Why can't men like him exist in my life.

gif, stiles, and lydia image

6. Klaroline
Klaus is the bad boy who is only good for Caroline. This sociopath turns into the kindest and most carrying person when he's with Caroline. He's the cutest romantic poet and painter.

caroline, klaus, and tvd image

Plus they look so elegant and classy together.

caroline, klaus, and tvd image

7. Spoby
These sweethearts were one of the most badass couples in Rosewood.

gif, spencer, and spoby image

Toby is the most subtle person too.

pretty little liars, pll, and spoby image

8. Bughead
I never thought that I would ship these two. But here we are. Fangirling over another otp. I could not want anything better for both of them.

riverdale, cole sprouse, and jughead image

Also they both have their demons.

Betty, jughead, and bughead image