Sometimes the hardest part of life isn't boyfriends, homework, or anything you would expect to be a little bit complicated. It just RELATIONSHIPS period. The awful part of what we would think would be the best is that even our friendships can become complicated. Life throws and will continue to throw figurative baseballs at us. Life just HAPPENS to all of us. I question myself a lot about why type of friend I am. Am I a good enough friend? Am I trustworthy? Am I loyal? Am I simply, THERE? I try very hard to make myself believe a lot of these things, and I question myself because I want to be a friend of character. I want there to be something about me that makes my friends feel warm and loved. But I know I fail sometimes, and that my failure makes me feel like utter crap. I talk too much, and let myself speak when I am way to vulnerable and hurt to be speaking about a person. When I am upset sometimes my mouth gets the best of me. Though I may fail at times, I never stop trying to improve the person I am, as well as the friend I am. If I've learned anything it's that when you're too hard on yourself, you're never going to improve.

You also have to know when you're growing apart from someone, and when to let a friendship go to the grave. I know, it's sad and you shouldn't give up on your relationships. But it's part of growing up. Knowing when to let something go, and RECOGNIZING when something is fading and becoming unhealthy. Does that other person make you a better you? Does that other person make you WANT to be a better friend? No relationship that is successful can be one- sided. It will never work and it will leave you empty and upset.

I say all this to tell you, LIVE AND LET GO. Let go of the ones who aren't treating you the way you treat them, LOVE and NUTURE the ones that make you feel like a better you. Keep working on you, but don't be afraid to know and acknowledge when a problem isn't you. We are all just like flowers. Never stop watering your seed, and expose your heart to rain and sunshine every once in a while.