As a medical student i've always so much work to do and so little time to do it. I'm always looking for new ways to study and especially for motivation. So i thought about making a list of the best ways to get to work because most of the time i'm either procrastinating or distracted. So i hope that this list will help me and you to get on track :3 .
So Let's stop talking & get to it !

1 • Study Methodically

The Most important is the quality not the quantity
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Visualising your goals will help you stay focused, and by doing each thing at a time you'll be more aware of what you acheived and what is still waiting for you. The best way to do it is to start a small task at a time so you don't drown in it, making to much plans will only make it harder.

2 • Good Environnement !

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As a lazy person i hate to leave my bed but studing in your bed (as i do ) is the worst idea you could have. Studying demands a silent, oxygened, enlighten place plus your bed will only make you sleepy. The best place for that is probably the library i know it's kind of cliché but it is because it's quiet and everyone there is studying so it'll motivate you to do the same.

4 • Drawings & Mindmaps

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Using your visual sense will help your brain memorize better :3

5 • Breaks & Reward

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Rewarding your self when you achieve a task will make studying more exiting, but don't take too far either 😂. Snacks are important too take something healthy and energetic like almonds, fruits or dark chocolate... Breaks helps focus and assimilate better, you can have a 5-10 minutes break every 30 minutes or more whichever suits you best !

6 • Videos & Recording

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Just as the mindmaps and drawings, watching videos about the subject you're studying or recording the lecture and listening to it whenever you can will ease the process of memorizing.

7 • Quizz & Exercices

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Practising will you give an idea about the test and how to answer it, just as it'll help you test your knowledge and competence.

8 • Stop The All Nighters

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Studing all night until 4 a.m. when you have to wake up at 7 or 8 is really a bad idea, our body and brain need to rest & disconnect that's even more important then studying because it needs that amount of sleep so it can focus, think, analysis and remember what it memorized lately...

9 • Study Smart Not Hard

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Studying hard and pushing yourself to the limits will only make you tired and sick of everything, and you'll probably not remeber anything you spent hours on. But if you study smart by studying in short time everyday, using notes, flashcards and blocking distraction will take your learning skills to the next level !

10 • Get FREAKING Motivated !

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This is the most important tip, And the students biggest problem. We all procrastinate because we're to lazy to study and because most of the time it's scary af, and getting motivated is the base of every goal acheiving...So what i do to stay motivated is to read motivational quotes, search for new ways to study so i don't get bored, or even study at the library because seeing people study wakes my competitive self and makes me think if they can do it so can i !

That's all for now, Hopethis helps amoung your studying journey !
If you want me to make more of this you can always dm me ^^