the hardest thing to find in life but it's life's greatest accomplishment.

its actuallythe most easiest thing in the world.
you have to change your entire life style from what you do from the second you wake up to the second you go to bed.

Having a healthy lifestyle is so difficult and it takes work but your working for you, to better yourself and have a real smile on your face.

1.) wake up early and workout even if you have school wake up early and just do it just get up and kill your workout. Go for a run and enjoy the sunrise! I do every morning because my motivation is how great happiness and have energy feels. Then shower and have a good healthy breakfast!

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2.) Scroll through weheartit in the mornings, lay off all social media just stick to weheartit because this app has the quotes, fitness pictures, cute decor. Everything in this app consists of your deep likings to satisfy you.

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3.) Blast music!! Play good tunes that get you going, not sad or depressing slow music. for example:
Curve - Gucci Mane ft The Weeknd
Questions - Chris Brown
Bank Account - 21 Savage
Trap Stories - Cyko
Big Fish - Vince Staples
P.I.E. - Future ft Chris Brown
I Can't Feel My Legs - John Hart
Trap Paris - Machine Gun Kelly
I Fall Apart - Post Malone
Dark Queen - Lil Uzi Vert
Some Way - Nav ft the Weeknd
Its a Vibe - 2 Chainz
Confidence - Chris Brown

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4.) Plan your day and set goals for yourself !!

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5.) Do your homework, with a new lifestyle you work 110% to be the best you, as much as homework sucks think about it you will have a bright future ahead of you and who doesn't want to be successful! Even if you aren't smart just study and put your effort in, I am not smart but I use study tips and get my work done and I'm doing alright.

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6.) be kind and complement people making other people feel good will make you feel good. you may of heard "do them how they do you" NO you treat them with kindness even if they are rude to you, come on be the bigger person. :)

7.) If you have an one way friendships as in you are the friend putting the effort in and they aren't remove them you do not need that. Remove all toxic people as soon as possible. Focus on you and the couple important friends in your life.

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8.) Achieve your goals in silence, your competing with yourself not anyone else.

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9.) Smile and breathe, think about the good things and hang on to them.

10.) Change your room, put up Christmas lights or light some great smelling candles! Spice up your room and make it how you like it.

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11.) Go to bed early, it will help you throughout the day and to get up early enough to get a killer workout in!

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you can do it, fill your heart with the good things. True happiness comes from within not from someone else. Don't make the mistake of waiting on someone to come along and make you happy.