I love to travel, it´s something my heart really beats for, so of course I have a long list of the places I really want to visit. Actually, I wanna travel the whole world when I get older, but here is the cities everyone really should visit in their life.

Paris, France

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Paris is the most beautiful city I know, and the centre of art and fashion. The Eiffel tower, disneyland, the Louvre, french baguettes and the shopping opportunities are just a few reasons to visit this city. And their language are just so beautiful.

Rome, Italy

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Colosseum, St. Peters Brasilica, Pizza, Pasta, the architecture, Wine, Vatican... Do I have to say more?

Budapest, Hungary

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An amazing city, and the capital of Hungary, with a panorama few other cities in Europe can brag about. Make sure to see the beautiful parlament, visit the City Park and go on the Budapest eye.

New York city, USA

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The city that never sleeps.True actually, there is always something to do in New York! I was there a for week last summer, and I liked it very much. Definitely my favorite city. Like, just walking through time square made me feel like I was in a movie, and walking over Brooklyn bridge, being in central park, look out from the top of the Empire State Building and see the Statue of liberty was amazing.

Key West, USA

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Reaally cute little city in Florida, USA, with lots of beaches, clear turquoise water, cool south state houses and a wild nightlife. Key West is the southernmost point in the United States, and is located only 90 miles from Cuba.

Manarola, Italy

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This cute little village in Italy is so perfect, with lots of colorful houses facing the sea, located on a cliff 70 meters above sea level.

Copenhagen, Denmark

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A city in Scandinavia, Europe, known for its bike-friendly streets. Has a fancy pedestrian zone, a harbor named Nyhavn, a really beautiful amusement park, museums and opportunities for guided segway tours.


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Okay, how stunning is this? White sandy beaches, turquoise water and charming baros to live in. Can´t be anything but a perfect and relaxing vacation.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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After I watched The fault in our stars, I`ve really wanted to visit Amsterdam. The canals, Anne Frank house, the Van Gogh Museum and Red Light District are just a few reasons.

Santorini, Greece

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Standing on top of the hill, looking down on all those beautiful houses cascading down to the sea, is absolutely a big goal. Just look how stunning!

Venice, Italy

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All those canals, canalboats and the graceful, fascinating architecture is enough for me wanting to go there.

Tokyo, Japan

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Tokyo seems like a truly cool city, with a whole different culture from where I live. With the Imperial Palace, Disneyland, Tokyo Tower and shopping in the sick streets, there is plenty to do.

Sydney, Australia

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I want to see the opera house, climb to the top of Sydney Harbour Bridge, surf on Bondi beach and go for a day trip to Great Barrier reef to dive.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Experience the greatest show on earth in Rio de Janeiro; the annual carnival! In addition you can see the Christ Redeemer statue, and go to the Corcovado mountain and the Sugar loaf mountain with gondolas.

Lofoten, Norway

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Norwayyy, my homeland <3 I have been in Lofoten once, and it was so lovely. High mountains, deep fjords and northern light is what Norway is known for, and all those things are extra beautiful in Lofoten, which lies in the northern part of Norway.

Los Angeles, USA

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If you´re obsessed with celebrities, LA is the perfect city! This is were many of the biggest celebrities live, and you can walk on the walk of fame and see the Hollywood-sign, in addition to go to Madame Tussauds, Sunset Boulevard and the beaches.

Phuket, Thailand

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Thailand looks like a such relaxing and comfy place to go on vacation, and the turquoise water and tropical feeling makes me want to go there. I`m also a big fan of Buddhism, which is the national religion.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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All those skyscrapers, expensive cars and luxury that Dubai contains, has always fascinated me. Living like that at Burj al Arab for a week or two sounds perfect to me.