For me, Ashton is one of the best people around.
He's so happy, and kind, and generous and just so thoughtful.
He posts as often as possible, not necessarily because he wants to, but because he feels we deserve it.
He always finds time for fans when he meets us, and he plays so fucking hard at every show.

There's been some bullshit going around for a few years now and it's started to really get to me and it's only now I've decided to say something because before I couldn't write it down and hear your opinions. I want your opinions.

5sos, calum hood, and 5 seconds of summer image

For the past few years, now more so than ever, I've been hearing little rumours that Ashton's vocals are edited to sound good.
This is the biggest load of bullshit I have ever heard.

Ashton can sing and it's sad that it's not just haters that are saying he can't, it's some so-called fans too.
If you're a real fan you'll know Ash can sing. And I mean really know it, not just say it because you want to be supportive of one of the people who's been so supportive of you.

For one, there's the 5sos videos from 2011. They aren't edited, they're untouched, unmanipulated, free from auto-tune. They are real life vocals and you can hear every word Ashton sings. He sounds beyond amazing.

Second: concerts. Obviously, at live concerts, Ashton's voice can't be edited because it has been proven that 5sos sing live.
There has always been that argument of 'but whenever Ashton sings at a concert it's for a short period of time' but that doesn't prove shit.
At concerts Ashton also has to play drums at the same time, whereas on an album the vocals and drums are recorded separately.
I don't know whether everyone realises just how hard Ashton plays at concerts, because if they did they wouldn't be using the arguement above.
Imagine sprinting down a road that continuously turns left, then right, then left again and right again.
Now imagine while you're sprinting as fast as possible, you're having a heated debate with someone stood at the end of the road.
Do this and you might come close to half of what Ashton is feeling when he has to sing and play.

And third point: Have you seen Swallow The Goldfish's videos?
Once again, they aren't edited. It's just Ash and his friend singing together.
In fact, these are probably the best videos to watch if you really want to appreciate fetus Ashton's vocals. They're so raw and real and it just makes you really think about how talented Ashton is.

So, the next time I hear anything about Ashton 'not being able to sing' I will slap a bitch because Ashton can sing. No matter what anyone says.