Bonjour dear hearters!
Sure you don't know me, I'm Rose, I'm 22 yo and I'm a parisian fashion student.
As a lot of you, my favorite season ever is fall. I just want to share with you what I love to do in fall. So, enjoy :
__ Rose J

Take coffe outside

coffee, food, and drink image food, bread, and aesthetic image coffee image coffee image

Read (old) books and magazines

books, girl, and healthy image book, black, and rings image book and reading image coffee, fashion, and style image

Get-out my boots

fashion, shoes, and style image shoes, fashion, and boots image fashion, style, and shoes image fashion, shoes, and boots image

Get new cozy fall decoration

tumblr image bedroom, home, and interior image

Make fall make-up

makeup, beauty, and eye image makeup, beauty, and eyeshadow image autumn, blonde, and glam image makeup, beautiful, and style image
Brown, gold and burgundy make-up are my favorite

Cycling in Paris

autumn, fall, and bike image autumn, fashion, and bike image
(to spend the calories of croissants ... )

Wear coats

fashion, outfit, and coat image fashion, girl, and style image fashion, style, and outfit image blazer, fashion, and style image coat, girl, and indie image fashion, outfit, and style image
I'm especially obsessed with oversized trench and checked jackets

Have huge and warm breakfast

food, breakfast, and coffee image breakfast, food, and morning image food, breakfast, and coffee image food, coffee, and breakfast image
It's better in bed

Just spend time at home

room, home, and interior image home and house image interior, home, and house image interior, home, and design image

Make my own pumpkin space latte

autumn, pumpkin, and fall image autumn, coffee, and fall image
→ Here is my favorite recipe :

Watch 60 / 70's movies

Image by 𝘙 𝘰 𝘴 𝘦 audrey, breakfast, and sleep image
"When Harry Met Sally" / "Breakfast at Tiffany's"

Make halloween make-up

first, girl, and Halloween image Halloween, makeup, and pumpkin image

Take a warm bath or shower

bathroom, home, and interior image bathroom, home, and shower image

Have a nature walk (with buddy)

autumn, fall, and leaves image animal, autumn, and baby image
↑ This is my real buddy, Milord my one year french bulldog

Wear berets

girl, model, and fashion image fashion and style image
This french touch!


couple, love, and kiss image
Cuddling in every season!

Eat Fall Food

food, fall, and autumn image pumpkin, fall, and autumn image pumpkin, autumn, and fall image Cinnamon, autumn, and fall image

Wear comfy clothes

fashion, sweater, and clothes image socks, cozy, and winter image girl, skirt, and brown image fashion, style, and girl image
Cashmere and wool sweaters, huge socks, oversized stuff and suede skirts

Spend time with friends

friends, monica, and rachel image fashion, girl, and friends image
So, I hope you'd like my first article! If you want more, heart it. I've so much things to tell you! Take care of you and people you love.
Ce fût un plaisir, bye
__ Rose J