Living Room

Mood: a cozy, affordable place with a relaxed vibe
  • Small and cozy spaces
  • Big plants
  • Abstract photographs and artwork
  • Artsy decorations
  • Cuddly and colorful pillows and couch
  • Funky lampshades
  • Generally grunge, autumn colors
  • Bonus point: fireplaces
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Mood: a modern and very organized space that makes cooking and eating more enjoyable
  • Funky chairs and bar stools
  • Black and white coloring
  • Original wall tiles or wallpaper
  • Contemporary appliances
  • Hanging lamps
  • Big windows
  • Subtle decorations
  • Tons of shelves and cupboards
  • Bar or small table for quick breakfasts or evening drinks
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Dining Room

Mood: an elegant, antique styled room that makes cold evenings with friends more warm
  • Dark-ish wooden tables
  • Old-fashioned vases
  • Other antiquity
  • Fancy lights (e.g. chandelier)
  • Dark, warm coloring
  • Abstract self-made art
  • Simple chairs
  • Big clock (e.g. grandfather clock)
  • Candles
  • Simple unpatterned walls
  • Original cutlery, designed cups and fancy dishes
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Mood: a simple, inviting place for great mirror pictures
  • Big mirror - the bigger the better
  • Lavish bathtub
  • Candles for relaxing nights
  • Heavily decorated sink
  • Dark, aesthetic colors
  • Antique wall designes (e.g. white bricks)
  • Fancy cabinets
  • Generally big spaces
  • Slightly bitter, lavender smells
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Mood: a snug and homely place for loving partners and raising children in both gloomy and blissful times
  • Pale, glum pink bed sheet shades
  • Cute wall designs
  • Walls decorated with labeled maps and photographs - memory filled room
  • Efficient desk
  • Organized closet
  • Generally light room colors
  • Multiple light sources
  • Filled book shelf
  • Light, relaxing music
[For relaxing music check out my "Autumn Playlist" right below]
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~ much love, maria ♡♡