CONFIDENCE (n.): a firm hope, guarantee towards a person or a thing.

There are these people who are sure of themselves, surrounded by a lot of friends, who like to put themselves forward, who are not afraid of anything and who inspire others ... and then there is me. Young, I was super shy and reserved, it was hardly if I spoke to people around me. And then, growing up, I forged my character but I continued to lack confidence in me. I saw others doing incredible things and during that time I wondered where my confidence in me was hidden.

I thought I couldn't do things, and then one day I thought, "But if they did it, why don't you? ". So I tried, I challenged myself! One day I challenged myself to speak in public, the other day I challenged myself to speak to a stranger. It was long but little by little I arrived there.

Today I don't have 100% confidence in me but let's say that, day by day, this confidence is installed, as if it was moving home.

Remember that: Self-confidence is the first secret of success.