Everybody's life gets a bit messy sometimes. We all get a little bit loss at a point in our lives. They key to ''avoid'' it is organisation (even if it is true that things do not always go as we want them)

Tip 1: Plan your day

It easier to go through your day if it is planned. Try to write your tasks which need to be undertaken in your day in an agenda or a journal.

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Try bullet journaling. It can really help you in planning your day.

Tip 2: Allow yourself a time to relax

If you are trying to stay organised by working a lot...stop it!
It is a waste of time to keep on working if you don not relax a bit. Our body needs to relax sometimes.

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listen to some music you like, read a book or watch your favourite films or series

just chill and relax

Tip 3: Don't make organisation a burden for you

Organisation can be very fun to do if you use the appropriate methods.

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use cute supplies to decorate your bullet journal or your agenda so as to make it more colourful and attractive

Combine the useful to the pleasant.

That is all I have to share with you today guys. If you want more articles you can comment or send me messages about what you would like me to write. Thanks for reading it.
Don't forget to share love and happiness around you.
Love you guys.