Sometimes we feel like we are lost. Lost in your future. Lost in your past. Lost in the present. Lost in yourself. Lost in memories of the past. Lost in the vision of you that had when you were younger. Lost in the thoughts you have.

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When I lost myself it felt like I was a balloon flouting above my body, my body was a robot doing things without even thinking about it.

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When I got stuck in the mess called my life, I started to go back from everything. Stop doing the things I loved to do. You shouldn't do that. It makes you feel more lost than before.

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I think I always have been lost inside myself. In school they teach us what we should be. But they barely focus on what you are.

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And it is okay to be lost in yourself, the past, the future, your thoughts. That is all okay. But at the point you feel like there is no you anymore that is when you should take a step aside and think about what you can do to fix it. There are plenty of people who care about you. You might not realise all of them but they are there. And if you really think you have nobody. I will be your nobody. Keep going your life is so beautiful.

Thank you for reading this lots of love