Hello guys this is my very first article. Honstely I was a bit afraid to write one because after reading all the other articles I got a bit insecure. However, lets give it a try haha.
Okay as you can see my headline is called "The meaning of life". It´s kinda strange but for this article I woke up at 8 o´clock in the morning. Just too feel more inspired by the birds and the coloured leaves, which are laying down my garden. I love autumn so much it makes me think of my current situation. It makes me think about life. What is really the purpose of life? Why do we have suffer from depression or anything negative? Is it possible to achieve your dream ? I always question this to myself. Unfortunatly I don´t have the answers for all these question but one thing I know is the love of god. Whenever I ask myself something, I always ask god too. And I feel more comfortable in his era, I feel 100 % like myself. I don´t need to pretend being someone "they" want me to be. I just be myself arround him. And when I feel his excistence I know he will deliver me the answer. Maybe not now but when the time is right and the season is set than everything makes sense again. But for now I keep going and trust in his love. And I won´t stop to do what I love. I will go on for my goals/dreams no matter what people say. I just have one life to live and its my choice what to do and what not. I am so ready to start living a positive life. Cause when you change your mindset into positive thoughts than positive things appear to happen. Live every second of your life. Live in the now not in the past. We are human beings and it´s okay to make mistakes but we shouldn´t be hard on ourselves. Accept your mistakes and try to learn from them.

thank you for reading this and thank you to WHI for making this possible. I feel thousand times better now <3