my aesthetic falls into many categories as do many of your guys' do. i have a few that are constantly being saved into my collections and downloads on my computer and phone :)))

tropical aesthetic:

sea, summer, and beach image summer, girl, and flamingo image beach, girl, and summer image fruit, Aloha, and food image summer, ocean, and beach image summer, girl, and beach image

this aesthetic is definitely my favorite out of all of them just because i love hawaii, the beach, and summer. this aesthetic also tends to be more cool toned, high contrast, slight saturation, and definitely more relaxed and calm depending on the elements of the photos.

vintage aesthetic:

sunset, sky, and train image love, couple, and dance image fashion, style, and beautiful image girl, rose, and flowers image travel, city, and outfit image pink, nature, and vintage image

the vintage look is also one of my other personal favorites just because i love the rustic, grainy type of look. it brings a very familiar and homey type of feeling and it's also very relaxed just like tropical but in a very different aspect. the pictures tend to have a more grainy, warm toned effect and tends to be very dark and warm or very wispy light and cool toned.

fall/warm toned aesthetic:

autumn, pumpkin, and fall image autumn, fall, and leaves image dog, fall, and autumn image autumn, fall, and candle image book, autumn, and fall image cameras, cute, and vintage image

the fall/warm toned look is definitely in right now considering the transition from summer to autumn. these types of photos definitely sends out a more homey and chilly type of feeling but in a positive way. typically these photos are grainy, warm toned, mid-contrasts tones, and usually have candles, wood, orange toned items, books and some type of hot drink, giving off that fall type of feel.

fashion/personal aesthetic:

fashion, girl, and yellow image fashion, style, and autumn image fashion, girl, and style image fashion, style, and vans image girl, fashion, and adidas image fashion, outfit, and yellow image

last but not least, this aesthetic, also one of my personal favs, is very kind of put together in a way where it doesn't seem so structured. it is structured but it isn't you feel? these usually all have people in them, and depending on the outfit can be cool toned of warm toned. typically the outfits are versatile and the majority of people can pull of the look in the photo.

this is my first article so bare with me but thank you so much for reading and come back for more!!
october 20th, 2017 (happy spooky season!!)