Love makes you happy.
Love makes you hopeful.
Love makes you grateful.
Love makes you inspired.
Love changes your life.
Falling out of love can feel like just as much of an avalanche as it does when you're falling into it. Even though you want to make it stop, you can't. Whatever happened to make the love leave has already happened, and you won't be able to bring it back.Over time, every one of us grows and changes. Some people grow together while others grow apart as time and circumstances vary. It is a common romantic belief that continuing to love the one we once fell in love with just happens—and for some lucky ones, it does. Falling in love again takes time. Before you can connect to a new person, you must reconnect to yourself. For example, begin to value your maturity and life experience rather than yearn for youth and naive. That you have experienced love and loss enriches you so that you are more in touch with who you are, what you need and desire, and all that you have to offer a new love partner. I'm honestly still don't feel myself still but its okay because i am still healing and that's nothing i should be ashamed of. Love to most people is an intense feeling of deep affection, to me its having someone want to be with you and treating you right and making you feel loved without having them blaming you for something they did wrong while making you feel like the mistake or problem in the relationship when deep down you've done nothing wrong. True love is hard to find but i see no problem searching for it.