this article is going to be written in all lowercase letter and it's probably gonna have a couple spelling mistakes, and a lot of grammar issues. so if you hate stuff like that (im talking to you grammar nazi) please exit the article. okay... moving on. today i am starting this thing where i write a new article everyday. well almost everyday cause i have a lot of stuff to do. anyway, i want to be able to express myself more and i see articles have been getting bigger so i guess ill join in on it while im here. this one is probably going to be longish so enjoy.

1. my name is emily nice to meet you
2. i rarely use slang so get your "tho" out of here it's though
3. follow my snapchat and instagram - eemilyfloyd
4. lol i tried to start a youtube channel like 3 times before
5. im cringey as fuck
6. i love to dance
7. ive been dancing since i was 5 (9 years now)
8. i also love acting
9. im in my school theater class and im in the fall show:)
10. im 15 whoop whoop
11. my favorite colors are grey, mint green, silver, and blue
12. i enjoy oxford commas
13. i dont really have a best friend anymore (fallouts)
14. im trying to get this to twenty
15. if you made it this far props to you i love you!
16. my favorite disney princess is arial
17. when i turn 18 i want a tattoo of a rose and one that says "i choose happiness" and another one for my mom but i want them to be really small and i want them done by romeo lacose
18. my favorite youtubers are kian and jc
19. my favorite nfl team is the texans
20. i like to volunteer and im working towards silver cord
21. i decided to make it 25
22. i want to be a doctor, actress, or a dance teacher when im older
23. if i could be any kitchen utensil id be a whisk
24. my favorite numbers are 7, 27, and 54
25. im learning american sign langauge

sooo, if you are interested in making a new friend hit my line cause im lonely and need new mutuals thatll stay my friend forever. that sounded so cheesy but just go with it. and if you made it this far wow you are a true follower. either that or you are just very bored and somehow came across my article. either way you are cool.

peace out my g's,