I'm bored, so I decided to do YET another article. Except this time, i'm basically going to share facts about me that are kind of weird, and not many people know about them.


1. I hate kids, but I love babies

2. I love high-end fashion, but I wear the laziest clothes I can find

3. I'm obsessed with older men

4. I listen to more 80's music than your parents

5. I love romance movies that have a sad ending

6. I once dated a Sugar Daddy. Worst decision I ever made!

7. I once made two fuckboy's fall in love with me simultaneously

8. My favourite movies are Dirty Dancing and Suddenly 30

9. My real name is literally Jeanie! I was apparently named after I Dream Of Jeannie. I usually go by my mother's middle name, which is Rachel. The reasoning for this is that my middle name is jane, which means my name is Jeanie Jane, which sounds fricken weird! Rachel Jane sounds way better.

10. I speak my mind way too much. When I have an opinion, I make it known!

11. I like becoming friends with people who are weird and interesting

12. My mother thinks my dream career is event management, but in reality I really dream to become a flight hostess..

13. I say "Oh wOw", "Eggs and bacon, you're mistaken", "What the frick?!" and "What, you thot?" WAYYY too much.

14. I have a crush on a former Vine star who is an absolute idiot!

15. I have Heterochromia in my right eye. So basically I have one brown eye, and one eye that is half green.

16. I've been in love with Corey Haim for like two years

17. Rock music is the only reason I stay on this earth

18. I once fell down a rocky mountain when I went hiking with a friend. I was too busy fantasising over Leonardo DiCaprio. It was the biggest fall I literally ever had! I guess I fell in love..

19. I hate how narcissistic today's generation are! Like, eww. Get a job, move on with your life!

20. I cause fights ALL of the time! Literally!

21. I pretend to hate Stranger Things, but i'm actually high-key obsessed with it. Don't question my motives!

22. I called my cat Rasputin, after the song 'Rasputin', simply so that when I couldn't find him, I could say "There was a cat that really was gone."

23. My hair has changed colours naturally literally so much! When I was younger it was dark brown, then it went red, then it went a caramel brown with blonde, and now it's reddish brown

24. I have a shopping addiction

25. My favourite animals are snakes.

26. My phone password is Bill Skarsgård's birth year...And my lock screen is Joe Keery.

27. I used to ship the Pope with Harambe. Don't even ask.

28. I once used to maintain my eyebrows by shaving them!

29. I'm afraid of circuses, but i'm actually going to one tonight. But it's all good, because my friend is coming with me.

30. Speaking of circuses, my first proper boyfriend was a trampoline acrobat in a travelling circus. I kid you flippin not!

31. I'm obsessed with always listening to music, it's literally the only thing that gets me through every painful day. SPEAKING OF

Stalk my Spotify if you want! :

Username: Rachillavanilla

32. My laugh sounds like a chipmunk

33. My biggest pet peeve are people who try too hard to fit in and be something that they aren't. Like, 3 2 1 STOP!

34. If I had a dollar for every time that I lied about not still having Wattpad to my best friends, I'd be richer than my Sugar Daddy ex-boyfriend!

35. I'm currently chatting to this random guy on Kik called Zebediah, and he's low-key in love with me, but i'm not giving him the time of day because he said Billy Idol sucks. Like, boy you better prepare yourself for my wrath!

36. I like to get revenge on people

37. I once did a full on, choreographed dance routine to the song Blue (Da Ba Dee) in front of the whole school when I was younger. I thank the lords the song wasn't a meme back then.

38. And last but certainly not least, these are currently my favourite youtube videos...Enjoy