Happy Friday everyone!
So, this week, I had the fun assignment of writing a literary skull (For Day of The Death), which is based on making fun of a death person. And since I don´t love me a lot (hahaha, just kidding), I decided to make it making fun of myself.

It´s like a roast yourself challenge, but it refers to me as I was dead.

Hope you like it!

Inspiring Image on We Heart It

Fool Girl

Look at that grave, the fool girl is going out again
She drags her broken dress and her burned wishes
Outside of the cemetery where her loved ones left her
For her there was no pretty face, just horror, caos and nightmares
But even though she´s just wearing her big bones
We have to admit that dead, she looks prettier

alternative, beautiful, and choker image

She believes someone´s waiting for her at home
She believes someone have cried for her
But she doesn´t know that, since she died
Everyone is having more fun
Poor fool girl
She´s looking for her friends, she´s looking for her confidants
She can´t accept that, in the world
She´s as insignificant as the ashes of cigarettes

smoke, boy, and cigarette image

She looks at the window of her place
Sadly, she realizes the familiar reunions full of love and lights
Why wasn´t she invited?
Why no one´s crying for her?
Because, fool girl, you serve better dead than alive
Run, run away like there´s no tomorrow
She runs away of her life´s tragedy
Ready to throw herself to the oblivion she should have never come out

girl, fly, and flowers image

Don´t shout, fool girl
No one is going to safe you
Did you just said oblivion was your biggest fear?
Sorry, but it´s where your loved ones threw you

Note: It might not rhyme in English, but in it´s original language (Spanish) it does. Please don´t be disrespectful. The fact that I make fun of myself doesn´t mean you can do it.

Remember to love yourself, forever and always

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