What is anxiety?

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A lot of people have a misconception on what anxiety actually is. The people who've never dealt with the disorder think they know what is it, when it reality they know nothing about it, as they have never experienced it.

First, let me tell you what anxiety is not:

It is not being too lazy to go into work. It's not avoiding people because you don't feel like going out. It's not not driving because you're just not in the mood. It's not being quiet all of the time because you have no interest in any of the people around you. Anxiety is not being lazy, or rude.

Anxiety is fear.

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Anxiety is constantly being afraid of everything - from the end of the world, to whether or not you said something stupid at lunch yesterday. Anxiety is the uncontrollable fear that you're not and never will be enough for anyone - not even yourself.

Anxiety is:

"what if they make fun of my hair?"

"what if they think I'm stupid because I'm the only one wearing a sweatshirt?"

"what if, while on the way to church, I run off the road, over-correct, hit someone and kill them?"

"but what if I don't drive to church and they make fun of me for it?"

"why do I care what they think? You know what, I don't."

"yes I do."

"what if they talk about the dress I'm wearing?"

"Oh no, I just coughed way too loud."

"what if I make a mistake?"

"I'm so dumb! why did I do that?"

"I'm so glad I stand out from everyone!"

"Oh, no. I don't fit in. I'm so stupid!"

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Anxiety is a constant, unbreakable chain of what-ifs. The quotes above are actual thoughts that have run through my head.

Anxiety is not something you should be ashamed of. Anxiety is not your fault. But it's also not something to gossip about either. It is not something you should make fun of because you don't have anything better to do. It's real, it's mental, it's sensitive. Just because you've never experienced it the way others have, does not give you the right to spread rumors about it or the people who deal with it.

Anxiety is not a light subject, as it is not something that can be easily dealt with.