I've been through the cycle: the hurt, the anger, the hooking back up only to end it and cycle all over again. I've let myself cry, leaned on my support system of friends and family, and had my fair share of chocolate and 'Greys Anatomy'.

Now it's time to move on.


1) Changing My Look

Yes it's cliche but it's cliche for a reason.

I'm not at a point where I wish to cut my hair in celebration of a fresh start (been there done that). I however have never been a makeup person. Yes its partly because I'm terrible at it... but mainly because it was never my thing. Why not give it a shot now?

I called some friends and embraced the culture.

girl, fashion, and beauty image makeup, chloe, and nars image
Brighten me up baby.

2) Pick Up A New Hobby/Activity

Yoga has always been a saviour for me. It relaxes my body and my mind while making me feel strong and in control. I decided to get back into the yogic game and get a membership at my local hot yoga studio.

(Hot Tip: Exercise is the healthiest form of distraction)

girl, sun, and sunset image
Time to put down the chocolate bar and pick up the yoga mat.

3) Switch Out Your Playlist

My go to songs in the start: 'Youth' by Daughter, and 'I Found' by Amber Run

Moving on songs: Feel It Still by Portugal. The Man,
'No Regrets' by Magic

apple, iphone, and music image
When the lyrics to sad songs relate (ouch).

4) Do Things You're Good At

This has been the most helpful tip for me.

Immersing yourself in tasks your know you excel at is a beautiful mood booster. I started new jobs and volunteer placements that required my strengths and skills. And as a bonus I got to immerse myself around new people with similar interests!

—If you haven't found what you are good at yet you probably haven't found the right place to look.
change, confidence, and fall image
This one really does numbers on your confidence

Thats it for part one of this list! I'm sure as time goes on I will have more to add but for now if you are going through something similar, or are just at a low point in life right now, know that you are not alone. It sucks right now but remember that your path isn't done yet, the future still has so much more to offer.

Good luck <3