Hello! As you already know, this article is about how to be positive. I know it can sounds stupidor easy to do but for some people or sometimes it can be harder. Here are some tricks to be a little bit more positive each day.

Personally, it really helps me to have a pretty and colourful background on my cell phone because it just makes me happier.

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➳3 positive things
If you take the habit of finding 3 positive things that happened to you each day, you will, first, become more positive and it will be easier each day.

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➳Positive environment
It is really important to surround yourself with positive people. If your friends are negative and always complaining about everything, it won't be easy to be positive.

➳Accept the critisism
If you learn to accept critics,it will be easier to be positive. The critics will also hurt less if you know how to accept them. To help you there are 3 easy steps. 1. Don't reply right away. 2.Listen to the criticism and try to learn something about it. 3. Reply or let go.

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Last but not at least, smile! It is the first thing to do to be happier or more positive.

Those were my five tips to be happier but there are a lot of others. I hope it wil help you to be more positive.