I just simply love autumn, this season is perfect because it’s neither too hot nor too cold, you can enjoy many things and activities which are ideal for this weather, so i want to make a list for you all of things you can do during this wonderful season.

§ Bake some cookies

autumn, pumpkin, and fall image food, chocolate, and Cookies image

§ Get dressed for Halloween

Halloween, makeup, and skeleton image girl, Halloween, and sims image

§ Wear pretty scarfs

autumn, coat, and fall image earrings, scarf, and piercing image

§ Drink hot chocolate/coffee/tea

winter, marshmallow, and chocolate image coffee, drink, and cafe image

§ Have a Deep talk

snow, swing, and grunge image best friends, friends, and boy image

§ Waffles for breakfast

breakfast, cook, and heart image food, waffles, and breakfast image

§ Read a good book

autumn, book, and fall image book, coffee, and autumn image

§ Snuggle under blankets

bed, white, and home image bed, breakfast, and bedroom image

§ Paint pumpkins

Halloween, pumpkin, and we heart it image pumpkin, Halloween, and fall image

§ Go for a walk

autumn, fall, and nature image autumn, tree, and red image

§ Wear cozy sweaters

colors, fashion, and style image fashion, girl, and style image

§ Bake a pie

food, pie, and autumn image food image

§ Decorate your bedroom

light, photo, and tumblr image cozy, home, and room image

§ Enjoy seeing the rain

rain, city, and new york image rain, city, and photography image

§ Give some hugs

boyfriend, kiss, and girlfriend image autumn, fall, and friends image

§ Play outside with Friends

autumn, fashion, and fall image fall, pumpkin, and friends image

§ Create a special playlist

autumn, fall, and music image Image by MaXoro

§ Rent a cabin

home, autumn, and fall image Image by spizgi

§ Write on your diary

coffee, book, and white image autumn, notebook, and fall image

§ Watch movies

friends, tumblr, and hot ​chocolate image Halloween image

§ Stay cozy in bed

girl, cozy, and bed image bed, cat, and electronics image

§ Wear boots

red, grunge, and boots image boots, shoes, and blue image