Day after day, she plays a game; Guess who I am today?

Her portrait perfected, to fool the players she meets through the day.
What lies beneath, she wants you to see; but impossible, as she, too, a player will be.

Constantly guessing, she plays her own game.
Several masterpieces she's created to last through the week, each one she faces is lonely and weak.

In order to win, she'll need to find...her one true self whom was buried alive.
Gasping for air, she's trapped in a game that's incredibly unfair.

She'd ask, but a burden to you she fears she would be, so how the hell could she ask you to be, the one who would pull her back up on her feet.

The game is long, round and round it goes.
Will she win?
Nobody knows...after all it's a game of Guess Who!