disclaimer: i do not live in toronto, however i did visit fairly recently and wanted to share some of the places i visited! anyways, on with the article!


• the cn tower!
possibly the most stunning parts of my entire trip. i went at night which i would highly suggest since you can see all of the city lights!

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• niagara falls
although i was unable to make it here, there is no doubt that this would be an amazing experience.

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• the toronto islands
another place i was unable to make it, but was on my list, i'll have to see it another time!

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• casa loma
absolutely stunning. that's all i can say.

canada, casa, and loma image fountain, casa loma, and green image

• the toronto sign!
this was so cute, i'm so glad we bumped into it on our trip!

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• graffiti
i am well aware that this may sound very weird, but toronto has amazing graffiti literally everywhere you look.

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these are just some of my ideas but i hope they were helpful or interesting! although i didn't list this i wanted to mention that if you are visiting or planning on visiting, toronto also has many museums that you could visit!