Hi lovelies and welcome to this article! This is going to be a lengthy article, just to warn you haha.

I’ve been on Weheartit for over 4 years. Those years are spread out over three differentha accounts, which are @refreshed, @rosiness and @the_night_skies. And for me, it’s always all or nothing, so this will include many details from everything I can still remember, my reasoning for things and things I think are worth mentioning. It also contains some dates I’ve written down from when I reached a certain number, when shit went down, et cetera. I’ve never really publicly addressed this much, so I thought to myself: now is the time!

I can perfectly understand if you won't read the 6000 words (!) I've written down here for you, but I wanted this article to exist in the world, so I made it.

Please don’t see this as me bragging about how many followers I have or whatever. That's not at all what I'm doing here. This is just me talking from my perspective about the things that happened over the years. Okay? Okay.

Please excuse my cynical comments/sarcasm and if I forgot to mention you (I’m sorry!!).


So let me take you back to the very beginning of my journey on this magical site. It was late September in 2013, I was 13 at the time. My school caught on to what Weheartit was, and from one day to another, everyone started using it. I was kinda late, but my best friend at the time was like ‘OMG Sabine you have to check this Weheartit thing out, it’s so much fun!”

I checked it out, and I immediately fell in love with this wonderful site, as you probably can imagine. You could heart whatever inspired you, whatever you thought was funny, and hate was nowhere in sight. So I created an account, which was @refreshed. My actual username was something else back in the day, it used to be @"my school number"_Sabine, and I didn’t change it until I got around 100K… SUPER smart, Sabine.

I didn’t start as an uploader immediately. I just hearted, well, everything, in the beginning. Unfortunately, I don’t have many examples of what I used to heart. I went back on my account about a year ago and unhearted every picture I thought didn’t fit on my account anymore, so I can’t show you. But just imagine a lot of Teenager Posts, can you remember those? And mostly stuff that @hapiest would post on her account.

light, christmas, and winter image iphone, happy, and be happy image sea, summer, and blue image apple, bed, and laptop image
The very few hearts I still have on my account from the time before I started posting, awww.

2013 turned to 2014, and I was still using Weheartit. I had about 75 followers back then, and there was a really special person following me. Why was she special? Well, she was the very first person that rehearted things from me. Like, a lot. And that person is Justine @juju****. I don’t know the ‘*’s anymore, I’m completely sure they were numbers, but I can't remember which numbers and it’s impossible to find her. I unfollowed her a while ago as I only wanted to follow luxury bloggers, and there are no words to describe how much I regret that, ‘cause I’d love to talk to her and tell her that she started all of this. ‘Cause she did.

She was essentially the reason that I started as an uploader, as I loved knowing that I inspired people with my hearts. I can still remember the day I started posting, it was on a Saturday, the 22nd of March in 2014. I was home alone that evening and I just got an epiphany that I wanted to be a famous hearter. So I watched/read all the tutorials I could find on the internet, I made an account Tumblr, I looked at the ‘famous’ hearters of that time, I searched for photos…

Image by 𝒞𝒶𝓁𝒶𝓂𝒾𝓉𝓎 flowers image dance, quote, and dancing image heart and fireworks image
Here are some examples of what I posted the first few days

I didn’t have a theme whatsoever, it was just random stuff I liked. I unhearted a lot of my early uploads as well (as most of em are cringy as hell), but going back*, I see that it was mostly pink and vintage stuff, glitter, food, quotes etc.
I was overwhelmed with the response I received from the WHI community. SO many people started following me and rehearting my images outta nowhere, I could be wrong but I think I got over 2K followers in that very weekend. Ridiculous, I’m aware.

It was so much fun and so easy to do, so I kept going. I wasn’t active every day and I didn’t really find a ‘rhythm’ for posting yet (or a theme lmao). For the time being, I reached the incredible number of 10K relatively late, on the 14th of May in 2014.

drink, pink, and smoothie image waves, ocean, and sea image

Now I want to shine a light on my name back then, and also the usernames/names that came afterwards.
You see, around 2013/2014, my taste in music started to change. I started listening to rock and alternative music more. During that time, I was obsessed with two artists, those were Foxes and OneRepublic. I didn’t listen to much else really, except for maybe Ed Sheeran.

For those of you who don’t know, the masterpiece Zedd Ft. Foxes - Clarity exists. I still remember hearing it for the first time... it was in my dance class. I had a substitute teacher for that lesson and she made a warmup to that song. The moment I heard it, I was struck by lightning. The music, the beat, her voice, the atmosphere it created… perfection.
Clarity was my favourite song from the moment I heard it, so somewhere from June 2013, until 2016. Yeah, I know. So there you have it, the reason for my name,

Because of that masterpiece, I looked into the incredible singer, which is Foxes. Foxes’ album (Glorious) was released somewhere in 2014 and for me, it was all I need -ed. So there’s where @gloriously_s comes in, which was my username after the first one. Keep ‘Foxes’ and Glorious’ in mind, ‘cause I wasn’t done there.

flowers, pink, and peonies image beach, summer, and blue image

There’s not much I remember from this time period, only that it was an amazing time to be on the site. Everyone hearted like crazy, and there were days that I gained over 1K followers in a day, to put things in perspective. My style back then… a few months after I started posting, I became a bit of a luxury blogger. It was a lot of fashion, nail polish (and other makeup), food, sea, technology, and quotes. And I certainly did not care about what my canvas looked now I’m looking back on it 😅

pink and balloons image flowers, pink, and indie image nails, glitter, and silver image fashion, shoes, and cute image

I didn’t post other things, so no people, no architecture, and definitely not the stuff I post on @the_night_skies now. Among the people that inspired me were @lovisalindberg, @Blue6 and @daydreaminsparkle.

My follower count got up to 75K on my birthday in 2014, which is on the 27th of October (aka Friday next week woohoo), and that was absolute craziness for me.

Around this time, I started to notice how well quotes worked. People absolutely loved them and usually got over 3000 hearts. I just got some new fonts on my laptop and I started making quote pictures in different fonts in PDF. Most of them were lyrics from the music I listened to at the time.

food, sweet, and macaroons image sea, ocean, and summer image

I was still posting my usual stuff btw, and I reached 100K (!!!) on the 18th of December that year.

After a while I was getting sick of doing the weird fonts, so I started making quotes in Word with the same font (Times New Roman) ‘cause I’m lazy as hell haha. These worked amazingly well, most of them got picked up on the ‘WHI-train’. I still see them around sometimes, and that’s over 2.5 years later… so I made a whole bunch of em.

power, quotes, and pain image ed sheeran image quotes, reason, and sad image Ellie Goulding and love me like you do image
These few of mine made it incredibly big. Yes, I made these, even though I know I’m not credited properly for some of them.

So… 2015 came in. And for those of you who were already on the site in that period, you probably can remember that the amount of hearts photos got was absolutely ridiculous. On pretty much any day during that time, every picture on the first 10 pages of the Popular Images page had over 3.5K hearts. And I gained and I gained and I gained, just like everyone else did who was an uploader at the time.

cupcake, food, and yummy image water, blue, and ocean image light, city, and night image flowers, pink, and pretty image

Now, the end of @refreshed (I know, it sounds so dramatic). You will need much context to understand why I did things; whatever it is that I did. I won’t add pictures here, as this story has nothing to do with my style. Furthermore, it needs to be read without distractions.

As mentioned before, the day I started posting on @refreshed, I also started a Tumblr account (with an incredibly embarrassing username lmao). I didn’t create a Tumblr just to post pictures on there so I could post those on Weheartit, I wanted to use Tumblr as I site as well. While I was exploring the site, I came across Tumblr users that would give shoutouts.

Similar to #TheAspiringWHI we did a week ago, you had to like/reblog a certain post and message someone a certain word. I did about 6 of those shoutouts on one night, and I since I won most of them, I woke up with 350 new followers. Keeping that in mind, I reached the phenomenal number of 140K followers on my Weheartit somewhere in February 2015.

I was so baffled and awestruck, and as it’s in my nature to always help people, I wanted to give back to all those amazing people that got me to this point. So I wanted to bring shoutouts over to Weheartit, since I knew those worked really well.

My idea was that people would send me a message on Tumblr with their WHI-username (as postcards weren’t a thing yet), and I would make pictures saying “Follow @xxxxxxx on WHI!”. These pictures would get on the Discover page, and people would gain. That was the plan. The first time I did this was on the 22nd of February.
All went well, but the problem was that those pictures with the usernames on it were seen as spam, and usually were reported after 10 minutes of time spent on the Discover page. I didn’t mind that the pictures got reported because I saw people gaining 10-20 followers up to +100 followers each. I was so happy that I was able to help people out, so I wanted to do it again. Oh boy, that was a mistake.

The second time I did shoutouts, it was the 8th of March. Let me tell you something about that fucking day. The whole site was hectic, there were sooo many people hearting. Pictures on the Popular Images page reached 8K, 10K, or even higher. With my experience now, I realize that on these so-called 'rush-hour-days' on WHI, there’s usually someone that gets trampled. On the 8th of March, that person was me.

I saw the number of people on the site as a wonderful opportunity, you see. Many people equal many new followers for the people who got to be exposed on the Discover page. So I did shoutouts again. And people gained an even greater amount than they did before. Everything seemed fine that evening.

The next morning, I went on my Weheartit-account, and I only saw a message that my account was automatically blocked. I couldn’t heart anything, couldn’t follow anyone, my profile picture and cover image were gone. You can imagine that I started to panic, I didn’t know what was going on at all. I checked my email, and there was a message from the Weheartit-Team. The email said that I had to remove all spam pictures, and then my account would be unblocked. So I did... not that I got reported for spamming, but that's another story I can't tell.

I have to take out a part of the story here because I actually know who blocked me. It wasn't the WHI team, it was a fellow "famous" WHI user (let's call that person X). Recently I confronted X about it because I wanted closure after all this time and I was 99.9% it was X who did it. X claimed that I said mean words about X and hacked into WHI to block me. While telling me this, X also threatened to do so again if I were to ever say mean words about X on this account.

To clarify, I NEVER SAID ANYTHING BAD ABOUT X ON @refreshed. I do know what X is talking about though, as the same day I got blocked there was an image on the Discover Page that said mean stuff about X, but it wasn't mine. How X got that idea.... don't know, it pisses me off that I got falsely accused for something terrible. But life goes on.

After my account got unblocked, I could still heart and post pictures, but the thing was that pictures uploaded by me wouldn’t end up on the Discover page anymore. That ability was just gone. Forever.

I still loved Weheartit and I kept on posting for a bit, but it wasn’t much fun anymore, as I couldn’t reach that many people with my inspirational images. So I made @rosiness, and I use @refreshed now mostly to support My Girls™ by re-hearting their pictures that I can’t re-heart on @the_night_skies.

Oh yeah, two things: I was one of the lucky ones that got the Heartist badge on @refreshed in 2015 for some reason (obviously I was super excited about it, but I stopped posting in August so I didn't understand why I got it), and there was a group chat with 2015 Heartists. After a month or two, everyone stopped talking.


whitherevolution image


Are you still reading? Good. And THANK YOU!

I started @rosiness on the 30th of March. At that time, my username was @shaking_heads, as that’s a song by Foxes. My name was ☆Night Glo☆, as that’s a song by Foxes. My location was ‘The Unknown’, as that’s a song by Foxes. My bio was “Don't tell me our youth is running out, it's only just begun”, as that’s from a song by Foxes. My profile picture was Foxes, as that’s Foxes. Oh yeah, I had my Tumblr up as a site, and my Tumblr was called ‘clarity-s’. Don’t ask. Just don’t. She was my queen, k?
I’m pretty sure I just started listening to Glorious (her album), I think that’s where my absolute craziness around that time came from.

colors, firework, and gold image
Remember this cover image? Aww.

Basically, I had the same style as @refreshed used to have, but I put more restrictions on myself. I like to believe that my blog had a lot more elegance than @refreshed had. I aspired to be a full luxury blogger and I wanted my blog to be like the ones I saw on Tumblr, except for the pictures of people, cars and architecture. No kidding, I did not post one (1) human being on my blog, for about a year. I had this idea in my head of what I wanted my blog to be like, and I could not post anything else. I just hearted a lot of food. And makeup. And flowers. And food. And fashion. And shops. And did I mention food already?

My main inspiration on Weheartit (and Tumblr) was @beyzanurapaydin, and you have no idea how hard I screamed when she started following me. Anyways…

chocolate, food, and sweet image white and clothes image

A few months after the start, I realized that I was overdoing the whole ‘Foxes thing' on my blog. So you know what I did? I changed my name to ‘Fᴏxᴇs’ and my username became @hell_yeah_foxes. I changed the other two though, don’t worry haha. I’ve actually had people come up to me to ask if I was THE ACTUAL Foxes, someone said that they loved the work I did with Fall Out Boy…

luxury, ocean, and summer image coffee, drink, and food image winter, city, and snow image food image

Oh yeah, so postcards happened! I put up pictures that said something like ‘my inbox is now open’, and that’s how I made my first internet friend that I’m still friends with haha. I can’t remember his username, but this dude called Bahaa was the very first person that wanted to play truth or dare with me, and then we just kept on talking… and the rest is history really.

I had 2 collections at the time. One was for all my uploads, which was ridiculous looking back on it, ‘cause all I hearted on that account were my uploads. The second one was for my favourite images. It was a lot of work for me to keep up those collections, I honestly don't understand how people can manage their account with over 40 collections. Idk, putting an image in a collection wasn’t part of my rhythm, so every week or so I had to scroll back to do it. I got sick of that after a while, so I deleted them altogether.

fruit, food, and raspberry image city, light, and new york image

Skip to January-February 2016. I changed my name to Glorιoυѕ (I know, who would’ve thought lmao), and pictures were kinda running out. I’ll admit that I've double posted an incredible amount of times (all my images came from Tumblr and having posts multiple times on your page there is kinda normal), but I was still running out. I needed something new, something fresh. I introduced pictures of architecture on my account, you know, interior design and that stuff.

house, flowers, and luxury image room, bedroom, and bed image luxury, house, and home image bedroom, home, and room image

On a side note, that’s why there are so many uploads on my blogs but the amount of hearts is quite a bit less. I tend to go on my blogs and search for pictures that I’ve hearted twice or more, and make sure I only end up with one.

I reached 100K on @rosiness on the 27th of March, just a few days before my one-year anniversary (woohoo)!
In April, a fashion company wanted to me to sponsor them on my account. They wanted me to post pictures of fashion, and of people wearing their fashion. So I started posting pictures of people altogether, because you know, fuck it then. I also changed my username to @laurevoir, because I adored the song ‘Au Revoir’ by…… you guessed right, OneRepublic.

After a month, maybe two, @the_night_skies became my main account. I still posted on this account, but not like I used to do. I kept on posting as I hoped to get the Heartist badge in 2016, but that didn’t happen sadly… So I slowly let this account die out, and it’s inactive now.


Boy oh boy, this is gonna be long as well because an incredible amount of stuff happened here.

You wanna know why I even decided that I needed a third account? Like honestly? I wanted to post this picture, but I couldn’t do that on @rosiness as I didn’t post people there. That’s it. That’s the whole reason. No lie.

girl, sun, and model image

So… on August 10th, I started on @the_night_skies. This was supposed to be my personal account. And I didn’t know what the fuck to post, ‘cause out of the blue, I had freedom. I could post whatever I wanted. I didn’t have a queue of posts (every ‘famous’ hearter knows that's a must), so I frantically started looking through the tags for things to post.

For me, there were a few extraordinary blogs on the site that I called The Big 5™. They were @re93ka, @bohology, @corinahh, @pinkheart_ and @Cutie2. You have no idea how much I looked up to them, and I wanted my personal blog to be like theirs. So that was my starting point for @the_night_skies, I guess...

this is so cute x and elephant water animal image flowers, summer, and street image food, fruit, and healthy image girl, beauty, and blonde image
Stuff from the first few days, awww.

As I already knew how Weheartit worked by the time, I was quick to pick up some followers. I actually found out over 2 years later that the amazing @music_infinity was one of my first 1000 followers on that account! Hi Kim! 😂 I only started talking to her until an embarrassing amount of time later, and I sure as hell was missing out on that lovely girl, but I’ll get to that later.

My name, username and that stuff in the beginning…. My name at the time was Dʀᴇᴀᴍᴄᴀᴛᴄʜᴇʀ, I have literally no idea why. I'm pretty sure I saw it somewhere and just liked the word. My profile picture was Foxes (duh), but I had @the_night_skies as my username, even back then. There’s a bit of story there.

foxes and glitter image
Hey look it’s Foxes! No, this was not my profile picture back then, though it originates from the first few days that I was posting on @the_night_skies. I remember that @TeamWeHeartIt re-hearted it and I was so excited!

During the time I was creating a username, I was searching through my music library, and the song ‘I Won’t Give Up’ by Jason Mraz came on. The very first sentence of that song is if I remember correctly: “ when I look into your eyes, it’s like watching the night sky”. And I’m obsessed with the night sky, so I thought it was kinda fitting. However, @the_night_sky was already taken, hence @the_night_skies. I’ve never even thought about changing it because I found out later that this exact string of words is mentioned in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone: “They had to study the night skies through their telescopes every Wednesday at midnight and learn the names of different stars and the movements of the planets.” Yeah.

dog, cute, and animal image pineapple, fruit, and summer image Dream, colors, and colours image summer, girl, and beach image
Even more stuff from the first few days, the good old days.

Now, I’m a really shy person, so I didn’t talk to the lovely famous users on here at first. I was in the ‘luxury community’ with @rosiness, and I figured that all the famous users I followed were all above 18. I was 15 at the time, so I didn’t really ‘dare’ to talk to any of them.
And October 2015 came in. I don’t really remember talking to users on @the_night_skies before that time and I can’t check it either (so sorry if I forgot you!!), but something happened at the end of that October. Let’s just say that the 29th of October was another rush-hour-day, and what happens on those days? Uh huh.

I won’t tell you what happened, because it was really nasty and horrible. I’m not the protagonist in the story either, I was just involved in the whole mess. What you need to know is that I became friends afterwards with our majesty Corina (@corinahh). From that point on I started to talk to people on here more.

Image by 𝔞𝔡𝔳𝔢𝔫𝔱𝔲𝔯𝔢
This is still one of my favourite cover images. I made this gif myself, the footage is from ‘’B.O.B Ft. Hayley Williams - Airplanes’’

I started talking to lovelies like Yasmin (@heymynameisyasmin) (all the credits to her, she’s been kicking it since forever) and Michel (@night_wishes) (this absolute sweetie pie even put me in her bio once!).

2016 came, and fun fact: this was the first time I checked out the Popular Images page. And I was there, on top of it. I freaked out, obviously, ‘cause I couldn’t believe that pictures of mine were on there. For those of you who want to get to know me better, know that I have few folders on my laptop for WHI stuff. One for the cutest messages I have received (most of them are the first messages from the cutest people on here), one for absolute bullshit, and one for milestones. I still have screenshots of me being on top of the Popular Images page in January, awww.

In January/February, I started writing things in my captions, instead of the usual ‘x’. I saw greatnesses like @corinahh do it, and I thought it would add something to my account. I wanted people to know what I, the person behind the blog, was up to, what I was listening to etc. Later on, I started putting things like updates in my captions…

hair, blue, and blue hair image voss, water, and drink image moon, jupiter, and space image sky, pink, and blue image

February 21st was another rush-hour-day.

Somewhere in March, I changed my name on here to Adventure, and it’s been that ever since. I’ve had multiple variations of it, but I never changed the word. It’ll become clear later why I never changed that.

Looking back on it, my style changed quite a lot over the months. I began matching the pictures on my canvas more, so it wasn’t just me posting whatever I wanted anymore haha. I started creating ‘flows’ when I set up pictures to post, so the colours and styles fit together perfectly. I still do that to this day.

On a side note: that’s why I don’t have collections on my account, as the ‘flow’ I created would be broken. Me not having collections also has a lot to do with my ‘all or nothing’ view on life. // UPDATE 2018: I'm reading this back and times have changed as you probably know. I finally gave in and made collections. Even though I think it's a shame people won't see my feed as a whole anymore because of them, I do think they're incredibly helpful with organizing my account.

art, book, and galaxy image
This is still one of my fave pictures of 2016. It's indescribable how popular it was.

Account-wise, nothing really worth mentioning happened during this time, except that I reached 100K on the 18th of July (!!). And I also started searching images on Instagram for a bit, but that’s all really.
However, this is around the time that I first started talking to a bunch of amazing people that I’m still friends with to this day. Some of them are even in the #WHITheRevolution group. I want to include two lovelies here that I became friends with: Demi (@britishstars) and Alexia (@badlands_au). I still have the first messages of these amazing girls, they’re so sweet awwww.

So… now December. I'm sorry that I have 'little' to say about 2016. It’s just that a whole bunch of stuff happened in 2017 and I want to include as much as I can from that time. Anyways, December was ridiculous and fantastic because, first of all, I got a notification that I was a 2016 Heartist. As you can imagine, I was over the moon and screaming a lot.

adventure, pink, and neon image
I also posted this picture, and @Weheartit rehearted it. This picture is now my most hearted picture ever, including @rosiness and @refreshed. And it says 'she loves adventure'. I mean, come on. Everything simply aligns with this picture.


Image by 𝔞𝔡𝔳𝔢𝔫𝔱𝔲𝔯𝔢

Still reading? Wow. Thank you so much :)

2017. The time of good (and bad) updates, The Great Depression™ on Weheartit, #WHITheRevolution, all that yazz.
It already began with the opening of the year. There was less activity, and this became clear when you looked at the popular pictures, which gained fewer hearts, or the uploaders, whose follower counts grew more slowly… And that went on and on.

xx image Image by 𝔞𝔡𝔳𝔢𝔫𝔱𝔲𝔯𝔢 Image by 𝔞𝔡𝔳𝔢𝔫𝔱𝔲𝔯𝔢 Image by 𝔞𝔡𝔳𝔢𝔫𝔱𝔲𝔯𝔢

Before July, I had the pleasure of meeting a whole bunch of lovely new people. There are waaaay too many to name, but I want to put a few out there for you: Kim (@music_infinity), Nives (@ivysaint) and India (@fiftyshadesofhearts). Plus there’s the two that are the most supportive people I’ve probably ever met, Naemi (@mindofotherstars) and Ana (@soundmind). All these girlies are everything, there’s no other way to put it really.

Somewhere in 2017, I was part of a group of lovely hearters that already kinda knew each other and somewhat made a community together. I’ve always wanted to know more about the extraordinary users behind the blogs, and I also wanted to reach multiple famous hearters easier. So in July, we created a group chat. And that group chat later became #WHITheRevolution.
For those who want to know, the group chat is basically a place for Weheartit stuff, wtf stories and inside jokes.

What I also should mention is that at the end of July, I took over Naemi’s blog (@mindofotherstars) for a week, as she was on holiday. In August, when I went to Ireland, she took over mine. And as I’m writing this (October 19th), I’m again running Naemi’s blog again!

Image by 𝔞𝔡𝔳𝔢𝔫𝔱𝔲𝔯𝔢 quotes, be you, and words image Image by 𝔞𝔡𝔳𝔢𝔫𝔱𝔲𝔯𝔢 Image by 𝔞𝔡𝔳𝔢𝔫𝔱𝔲𝔯𝔢

Another change that happened on my account is that I started to heart pictures from other phenomenal hearters. The reason for my ‘change of heart’ was actually the lovely Miu’s (@hopeiessfountainkingdom) guide to Weheartit. She said something along the lines of “make sure you regularly support over users as well by hearting their pictures!”.

That really hit me. After all these years of restrictions I had put upon myself, like not being able to heart other users' amazing pictures… I was completely done with them. After that moment, I began hearting other people’s images. A few months later, I like to believe that my account still ‘flows’ perfectly, so my conclusion is that I should’ve done this way earlier. Ugh.

art, monet, and claude monet image
One of my faves :)

In August, I was one of the first people that got to try out Articles, as I had the 2016 Heartist badge. As you know by now, I had been on the site for a long time, and I thought that this change was good! I’m not a writer, I have the worst anxiety about writing for people (unless I read it and fix it until it’s absolute perfection), but I thought that this would be a nice change. The activity on Weheartit was going down lately, and I genuinely hoped that this new feature could turn that around. Boy oh boy, I was wrong.

After the full release of Articles, The Great Depression™ hit good, on Weheartit that is. Immediately, the amount of hearts on pictures dropped from +1500 to (maybe) 500. If you were online during that week, you know what it was like. It was near a damn miracle if you got 300-400 hearts on your picture.

After a week of only this decline in hearts, everyone in the group chat was done with it and we wanted to do something. We had the idea for change on the 1st of September, as the state of WHI was miserable at that point. #WHITheRevolution was officially born.

Image by 𝔞𝔡𝔳𝔢𝔫𝔱𝔲𝔯𝔢 Image by 𝔞𝔡𝔳𝔢𝔫𝔱𝔲𝔯𝔢 pizza image Image by 𝔞𝔡𝔳𝔢𝔫𝔱𝔲𝔯𝔢

There were a lot of people involved. Kim (@music_infinity) wrote the article, and everyone in the #WHITheRevolution group (too many to name, but know that I love you all!) figured the whole thing out, plus there are the people we interviewed, so that’s 40 ‘famous’ hearters that all wanted change. The article came out on the 3rd of September, and it reached WHI officials 2 hours later (which was our initial goal).

Here it is if you haven’t read it yet:
We made an update on everything that happened after #WHITheRevolution so far, you can read that here:

(I won’t do another update on it here, as I don’t want to make this article even longer. Plus many of you have probably already read the update, so there’s that.)

Because of the changes #WHITheRevolution has brought, I am now able to talk to everyone, and everyone can message me if they want, too. Again, there are too many sweeties that I can’t name!!

nails, hands, and art image quotes, love, and sunset image

We’re almost up to date now. In September, I’ve written articles about how to Weheartit. As you just read, I have a lot of experience on the site 😂 and I also want to help others less ‘fortunate’ than me out, that’s why I enjoy writing them. I’d gladly do more of them, just message me what I should write about! ‘Cause I think there’s a lot of things that I or the other people in my collection have already discussed.

Here’s my collection on WHI-stuff:

I’ve also written 2 articles on life advice, which I really, really liked doing. You see, I grew up on this site and on Tumblr, so there’s a lot that I’ve been able to take away from those experiences, together with real-life experiences. And I love sharing lessons I’ve learned over the years and giving you advice, so…

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What I want to mention before I end it is that you have no idea how much I appreciate all your kind messages about my articles. As mentioned before, I have a huge anxiety about my writing, so everything I put out has to be perfect by my standards. That’s also why I don’t write that many articles (sorry, I don’t mean to let you down :( ), because I don’t want to half-ass articles. It’s always been quality over quantity for me. However, I’ll have some more time in November to write, so be on the lookout for that :)

Lastly, about #TheAspiringWHI. Somewhere in September, before you could message everyone again, I received an email from the wonderful Axelina (@axelinaaxelina). She wanted to do a collab with me, which later turned into a competition of some sorts. Not long after, she was added to the #WHITheRevolution group, and we created #TheAspiringWHI. This shoutout competition was/is meant as a celebration of everything that happened after #WHITheRevolution.

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Now, the competition is open until the 22nd, so you can still enter if you want. The results will be published on the 27th, which happens to be my 18th birthday!!!

That was it. Yeah, I know 😂

Thank you so much for reading, props to you if you made it all the way through! I don’t want to make this any longer than it has to be, so I’ll keep it short.

Thank you, all of you, who have been on this journey with me from 2013 to right now. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been here because, in this moment in time, you are here with me.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

I know it sounds cheesy, but there’s no other way for me to put it.

Thank you for everything, everything. It has been……. glorious.

Au Revoir dearies!

-Sabine (@the_night_skies, @refreshed, @rosiness).

The following are the people that deserve to be mentioned, either for their amazingness, the way they’ve inspired me throughout the years or because they’re the cutest things in the world.

In no particular order:

Olivia (@solflori), Nicole (@tangledtruth), Ella (@michy9073), Sammy (@velvet_night), Olivia (@luxurly), Marija (@calmh_), Aya (@Dream_landX) & Alaa (@fiorette), @FuckTheWorlde, Nanami (@fullofnines), Kelly (@basicallykelly), @kanikazzaz, @daen3rys, Lotte (@blxxming) , Farida (@fkeworld), Megan (@TheBadBitchxo), @9andy, @Cutie2, Sandra (@Sandy213), Peisi (@heyitsmepye), @luxury_couture, @pallacium, and Fabio (@fabiogiolito)