It's been 3 months.
3 months that one of my biggest idols has disappeared. I don't even know how I deal with that but it's what I'm doing right now, I try to handle it. Even if I'm angry, even if I'm sad, even if...
Chester misses me so much, it makes me feel in pain. I'll never be able to meet him, to hug him, to tell him how much he help(ed) me in my life. Without him and Linkin Park, I wouldn't be as strong as now. They make my life better when no one is able to do it. I'm so grateful to know this band. I saw them in June, just after the last day of school, and it was the best day in my entire life. I was just so happy, it was as if I belonged here, singing with all these people these lyrics wich saved us. I'll never forget this moment and even more now, it's in my head and my heart forever.
Now I want to thanks Linkin Park for what they are doing, for the support and the strength that they bring to us every day. Chester is not on this world anymore but I know that he always will be living in our hearts. He saved so many lives, he was so important for us. He always will be a part of me, he's just here, we just have to look up at the sky and I know that the brighter light will be him.