as a big appreciator of music, i decided to make a halloween playlist and thought i'd share some of the songs with you!

monster mash (bobby picket)

ghostbusters (ray parker jr.)

spooky, scary skeletons (remix)

this is halloween (the citizens of halloween)

what's this? (danny elfman)

thriller (michael jackson)

everybody- backstreet's back (backstreet boys)

black magic (little mix)

highway to hell (ac/dc)

superstition (stevie wonder)

for a premade playlist with these songs and more, you can check out my spotify playlist where i will continue adding songs!

autumn, pumpkin, and fall image autumn, coffee, and fall image autumn, fall, and Cookies image autumn, fall, and leaves image
for more images like these, check out my autum collection! (it's linked below)


since this is my first ever article, please excuse some aspects of this as i'm just learning how to do this! let me know if you'd like to see any more articles from me or if you have any suggestions!

in addition, although i had the idea for these songs, i also found some of the songs on other whi articles, i don't have the intentions of stealing them from other people, there just aren't many halloween songs so that's why many of mine will be similar to other people's ideas :)

if you would like even more songs for this time of the year, here's an awesome article i found that helped inspire me!