Hi guys! i wanted to do a artcile about my passion that i LOVE very much and that is Roller skating

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Roller skating means a lot for me since the first time i ever skated i LOVED IT,and i am not joking it was like a new world,like a new feeling.Since then i always skated on the streets and behind my house,i never had a person to teach me how to do tricks it was just me,my roller skates and music.I don't know why but with headphones in when i have my skates...i am in MY world,nobody can make me angry i am in a total peace.

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Roller skating isn't just a hobby anymore i don't skate just to make a ride in my town,for me is a PASSION I just need a space with smooth floor,my skates,music and that's it my day is happy.
I never skated on a real roller rink because in the place i stay,in Romania,roller skating isn't a hobby,a passion or even a thing.Here roller skating means that you just go for a ride in the town,maybe in other places in Romania there are even competitions but where i live...i just need to dream about it.But this thing didn't let me down almost everyday i go on the streets and just dance with my skates and music on some people are impressed because you don't see everyday a crazy girl with skates that is dancing XD

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I just want to say that roller skating for me is something that i grew up with,when i had free days i always was with my skates and i am doing this now too.For me is like a routine a part of my life,for exemple when my skates are broken i need to wait until i get new ones and that means no skating for like a lot of time and that really makes me feel incomplete like something is missing.
For the last thing...i don't like roller skating because of the new serial on Disney Channel ”Soy Luna”,i liked roller skating before the serial ever was created.One day when one of my not so close friend saw me with my skates he was like ”soy luna huh?” and he started making fun of me because he thought i was watching soy luna and that is a serial for kids, and i was like ”really??” I informed myself and i founded out that since that serial lots of kids started to love roller skating.I just wanted to clarify this XD

Well that was it with this article,hope you liked it.
See ya :D