Look at you.

In a mirror.

Look at you.

The real you.

Not the one you only see when you pass by.

See the real you through you.

Look at how beautiful you are when you really see you.

Look at your hair.

Longing to play in the wind.

No matter what they look like.

Curly or smooth.

aesthetic, book, and percy jackson image girl, hair, and blonde image white hair young man image boy, curly, and white image

Long or short.

class, cool, and fashion image boy, eyes, and hair image hair, short hair, and beauty image boy, male model, and man image

Blond, brown, black, red.

lucky blue smith, boy, and model image girl, hair, and smile image girl and hair image girl, black, and pale image girl, thin, and character inspiration image Afro, boy, and men image

Look at your eyebrows.

Straight or curved.

Daring to express the emotions that cross you.

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Look at your eyes.

Blue, grey, green, brown.

Made of stars and galaxies.

blue, eye, and eyes image eyes and girl image green and eyes image eye, beautiful, and eyes image

Look at your fleckles.

Like stars on your skin.

Connected to form constellations.

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Look at you nose.

Big or small wonderful mountain on your face.

That wrinkles when its upset or laughing.

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Look at your lips.

Sensitive and delicate pink flower.

With wide or narrow petals.

Image by نـﹻٰ۫ﹻۧــﹻٰ۫ﹻۧـيـﹻٰ۫ﹻۧـموسﹻٰ۫ﹻۧــﹻٰ۫ﹻۧـہۦ˛⁽❥₎⇣ ؟ Image by compilationdephotos

Look at your jaw.

Sharped or smooth.

Structuring your face in a cliff.

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Look at your shoulders.

Wide or close.

Beginning a waterfall down your arms.

Your back sheltering your wings.

beautiful, sexy, and built image girl, black, and hair image boy, back, and sexy image fashion, style, and necklace image

Look at your arms.

Heavy or thin soft branches.

Supporting and hugging you.

girl, hair, and aesthetic image boy, grunge, and dark image arm, arma, and body image Image by olivia jewel

Look at your hands.

Longing to touch, feel, discover, experiment.

Everything that is within their reach.

Image by Death Wish hands, aesthetic, and art image alternative, grunge, and hands image anger, body parts, and Hot image

Look at your breast.

Little or big hills on your torso.

Flourishing no matter how large they are.

Mature image girl, hair, and indie image gorgeous, hair, and model image fashion, girl, and style image

Look at your torso and stomach.

Flat or curved trunk.

Supporting you no matter what.

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Look at your hips and legs.

Curved or thin roots.

Always there to save you and cash shocks.

Constantly ready to dance.

Longing to explore new horizons.

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Look at your feet.

Little or large paws.

Taking you everywhere.

Daring to walk, run, climb.

Longing to feel the ground, the sand and the water under them

7, beach, and footprint image beach, feet, and sand image beach, black sand, and feet image grass, flowers, and green image

Look at your scars.

Stripes on your skin.

They are part of you.

Made you who you are.

Proudly show what you have been through.

Proudly show that you survived.

flowers, art, and cut image Mature image Image by De Almeida Mathilde beautiful, dark skin, and stretch marks image

Look at your skin.

Its own colour.

Not another like yours.

It's unique.

alternative, girls, and grunge image girl, model, and beauty image girl, pale skin, and pretty image girl, summer, and beach image model image aesthetic, brown, and skin image

Smile widely.

Feel how happy you are.

Feel the love you fell for yourself.

Feel and see your eyes filling with tears of joy.

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Look at you.

You are alive.

You are joy.

You are love.

You are you.

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