Okay, before I start I want to share with y'all my experiences with being confident about myself. I'm still learning and if you have a question then please ask me, I want to help y'all. Thank you! <3

1. Change

Sometimes you're feeling very uncomfortable with your body and feeling ashamed. DON'T! You are beautiful the way you are and be proud. If you're very insecure about your body shape, then i'll say : do workouts, drink a lot of water, eat a lot of vegetables and fruit. Don't overdose yourself with not eating, it's unhealthy and dangerous.

2. Positive thoughts

People who has positive vibes are people who are confident who they are and they are never ashamed of themselves. Girl, throw the negativity vibe away. You're more than that. Think about happy memories. Most of people are taking a fresh air in the park to get 'nature & positive' vibes. Or, just listen to some music and just DANCE.

3. The healing

If you're feeling down then do these things. Watch a movie with your friends/alone. Listen to music that makes you wanna dance. Just trying to have a fun time. There's no time to feeling down, life is better than that.

Hope y'all like it, bye! ily.