; 20/10,🌻.
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hi! today we will speak about our #babes: our #beauty hair!♡
🌬 having south #indian origins, we ask me sometimes about my hair because they’re long and healthy. for be honest I do nothing! maybe a #healthy hair care routine before. now, i haven’t time so...
👵🏽 say bye bye to chimicals products! when it’s #natural, it’s really better for your hair. favour bio products or shampoo by yourself, you can find gramda recipes in internet! (do this once time/year ofc, it’s hard to made this)

🥑 healthy hair care routine; it’s THE most important things!
#oils: coconut, avocado, olive, ..., etc. you have a lot of oils so find your favorite (plants, fruits, ...)
⇒ drink a lot of #water
⇒ hair #masks

🌨 try not to wash your hair everyday; let’s them breath! & ofc, STOP with heat, it’s cool but SO bad!
i thing i’m done, if you have some question ask them, i will be happy to answer!♡💜
⇒ how are your #hair? mine are black & wavy!