Which themes do you write about?

That's the topic today :) finally, an easy one, where I don't have to decide, what I like most.

First of all, I like many genres, but my favourite one is drama. I think Thriller are better films, because their you see the scary things and have music in the background which effects on your reaction. But maybe I just can't imagine the scary moment in books or they are to unrealistic. Which brings me to my next argument. I like Fantasy yes, but something like Warrior Cats ... The story is too much for me. I'm sorry Warrior-Cat-Fans :/

When I was 14, I wrote more fan fiction, my first one was The legend of Aang I was my favourite fantasy serie in my childhood. But after that, I created more by myself, sometimes fantasy, sometimes drama. Now I write more about love and family. Often short stories, with maybe 14 pages, but I like them. And it's easier for people, who can't concentrate so long :D

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Sincerely, Kübra