Day 4. Make a list with things you could not live without.

As I said, I am a very simple person, obviously I can, I would like to buy makeup, clothes and that things, but I'm aware that I really do not need so much, I need God, my mom, our health, a roof over our heads, food, my pets and always the desire to be a better person.

I don't mean that I am a perfect human being, no, I'm not, I really enjoy dressing well, makeup on, buy stuff, but, if you ask yourself "which of these things do I need to live?" The answer is "none", and that's what I mean. I'm not rich, not even close, and maybe I don't want to be, I prefer be healthy and happy and loving, and my mom, family, pets and friends too, and I'm telling seriously. I'm so grateful to God.

So, don't buy your happiness, build it.

Mafe, x.