How are you?
Seriously, how do you do?
I have been wondering, how you are doing, ever since the middle of Summer.
How life have changed
the personality that lives
in you.

If you still think of me.
I wonder.


Are you still breathing?
Are you still living?
Are you still loving life the same you used to?
Are you laughing?
Are you crying?

It wouldn't be legitimate to say
I miss you.
I have been dying far away from the simple hearting I once felt into.
But, still, my darling,

are you flying?

Have you reached the skies that once
wanted to?

Will we meet again,
to feel our souls bent in one
will we sing the way we used to do?
Will we meet our tears
and share the heart
that is, now,
broken in two?

Are you sick, or you still trying?
to hold in back this fire in you.

I could have written
all these things I wanted to share,
of all the answers,
I once wanted
to get from you,
tell all the stories,
of why,
I hadn't
heard from you

But one whisper, rather,
flies in, by my mind,
wondering, flown
do you still-
do you still-

do you...

Do you miss me?

  • I know we are... still together..

To TSS. Once.