hi! for those of you who don't know, i'm peachy, an emotional and sleepy girl. i have been doin' weekly zodiac posts because i think astrology is pretty cool! if you'd like to see last week's article you could go here:

we all need positivity in our lives, and sometimes with how hard and stressful the pressure of life are, we forget to take some time to show ourselves self love and acknowledge and validate our feelings.
each zodiac sign has a quote or poetry piece to match your result! scroll down to find the quote that matches your sign the most and fill yourself up with positive vibes! ♡

✲ aries

quotes image

✲ taurus

be yourself, cute, and pink image

✲ gemini

quotes and motivation image

✲ cancer

quotes, eyes, and pink image

✲ leo

quotes, things, and tumblr image

✲ virgo

quotes, love, and pink image

✲ sagittarius

quotes and health image

✲ libra

quotes, flowers, and words image

✲ scorpio

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✲ capricorn

edit, motivation, and pale image

✲ aquarius

poem, poetry, and quotes image

✲ pisces

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