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Besides plants, sharks are pretty much an obsession of mine too. Sounds strange, but I promise you, they are the coolest animals in the kingdom and I will give you some prime examples. Just give them a chance ;p

1. whale shark

Starting off, the largest shark of them all: the whale shark, growing up to 12 metres. Despite their size, there has never been any report on them being aggressive towards humans, they don't even have those scary sharkteeth. Because of this, it is quite common to swim with them in places like Mexico. Take a look at these beautiful creatures down below and try telling me you still don't like sharks.

girl, ocean, and summer image ocean, sea, and black and white image

2. Greenland shark (my absolute favorite)

These sharks aren't particularly known for their looks and they don't have a cool reputation, like the white shark, either. The thing that makes this shark so amazing is the age it can reach. A few months ago a group of scientists found a Greenland shark and decided to check how old it was by examining a part in its eye. They discovered that the shark had reached the age of 392 (!) years. The thing is that if they hadn't killed the shark to find out, it could have aged even more. That's crazy right? I could go on and on about this particular shark, but I'll try to contain myself haha.

Image by Daphne Image by Daphne

3. hammerhead shark

Always thought there was only one type of hammerhead shark? Think again, there are 10 known species of hammerhead and they're all a little different. The difference is pretty much the size, which ranges from 1 metre to 6 metres, and shape of the head. The weird shape of their head gives them a better visual range than most sharks. They are often seen in big groups cruising below the surface, which looks stunning in photos. See for yourself.

shark, ocean, and sea image sea, shark, and black and white image

4. bull shark

These sharks don't have a randomly chosen name, as they can behave quite aggressive towards humans, just like bulls. They are among the species of sharks that would be most likely to bite a human, just like tiger sharks and great whites. This is because they thrive in shallow salt ánd freshwater, so are usually found in places where mankind likes to hang out aswell. They deserve to be on my 'favorite shark' list, because they're the only known species of sharks that can live in freshwater. So finding them swimming in a river is not a very peculier situation after all, which I think is so strange. I mean, you grow up with the idea that sharks live in the ocean, not rivers, right?

shark, sea, and ocean image bravo, diving, and fiji image

5. nurse shark

Nurse sharks are one of the most gentle sharks and that's why they're so great to swim with. I swam with them this summer in Belize and let me tell you, it was such a great experience! They are absolutely not scary looking, actually, they kind of look like little alien sharks with their flat heads, strange eyes and intricate patterns. So if you'd like to swim with sharks, but are a little hesitant because of their reputation, I would definitely recommend nurse sharks!

girl, summer, and shark image nurse and shark image

6. basking shark

This gentle giant is not seen regularly, but is a very interesting shark because of its appearance. It looks and behaves a lot like a whale, with its planktonic diet and huge size, growing up to 11 metres. When it feeds, it expands its huge mouth and filters the water.
There still remain a lot of questions regarding this particular shark and I am excited to find out more about it in the future.

ocean and basking shark image shark image

7. cookiecutter shark

The name sounds cute, but the shark itself is far from that. The cookiecutter shark gets its name for his infamous bitemark, which is perfectly round and looks like - you guessed it - a cookiecutter. These sharks don't get very big, growing up to 50 centimetres. Yet, they have been found attacking on big mammals like whales and dolphins. Another strange feature on this shark are its bioluminescent organs, which makes the shark literally glow in the dark. This may attract larger animals. Strange little creature, isn't it?

Image by Daphne Image by Daphne

8. great white shark

Last but definitely not least: the great white. I don't think I could have ended this list without mentioning this famous shark, known from the movie Jaws, where it is portrayed as a cold blooded killer. Yes, there have been many incidents of great whites attacking people, but that has always been a mistake on the sharks part. You see, sharks don't eat people, their vision is not their greatest sense, so they tend to 'investigate' things with their mouth to see if it's food. That's why every person that dies because of a shark attack, dies of blood loss and not because the shark ate them whole. Great white sharks actually look very peaceful passing through the ocean and there's also people that swim along with them and it looks like an awesome experience!

shark image black, shark, and blue sea image

So that's all for this week! I hope I kind of changed your view on sharks a little (in a positive way preferably) and if you were already a shark fan; I like you ;)

This article turned out to be a little longer than expected, but I just love the overall marine life and I could write about it for days. So if you'd like an article on, for example, my favorite marine animals, just let me know! Even if you have other suggestions for the 'my favorite ... (and yours soon to be)' series, I would be thrilled to hear about it :)

Thank you so much for reading!