It’s funny, you know? I thought I was over you but maybe I’m not.
Here I am worrying sick about seeing you again, after three years.
And all I can think of is the first time we talk, the first time we went out and of course, the first time we kiss.
How could I be so stupid? I mean, you didn’t love me, you didn’t even care about me.
I did everything I was capable and you just sat there, waiting for me to do all the work.
Because with you everything is about what can you get from the other person.
And you took away from me my energy, my faith, my joy and most important of all, my heart.

And here I am, standing outside the place we met eight years ago.
Trying to be confident.
Trying to look and feel pretty.
Trying so hard not to shake or to be shy.

I guess I’m trying to be like I was before I met you.

All I want is to be like my old self.

When I wasn’t afraid of the world.

When I wasn’t afraid of love.