We all have been part or are part of a group of friends that loves to make plans but always ends up cancelling them. You and me both have either gotten cancelled on or have cancelled on others. Why? Well let's be honest, planning fun activities to do with our friends is all fun and games until we remember we're all broke a'f. That is why I am going to share with you some fun and affordable activities to do with your friends. I myself have done most of these with my friends. The best part is these are also great ways to become closer friends. Do any of these activities and you'll go from friends to best friends.

Recreate a Music Video

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As crazy as it sounds this is one of the best experiences you and your friends can share. You can go all out and dress up for this or you can just recreate scenes by dancing and lip syncing.Pick a setting or multiple ones. My friends and I recreated Fancy right outside my house. This helped us be less shy around each other and make great memories.

Crash a Party

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Go to a party and take your friends. This can be any party even a family one. I have taken my friends to family/church weddings and parties so many times. If you're like me and hate going out with your family. A friend makes the experience much more fun. Plus it's free fun and free food.

Go Window Shopping

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If you have money and can go shopping that's great. But sometimes even if we want to, we don't have the cash. Go to the mall or any store. Look at every section. Look at things, mess around but not to the point where you'll get kicked out.Try on things, take pictures, model for each other. Be silly and have fun.

Football Games

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After football games my friends and I all pitched in for snacks and in the middle of the night walked out in the street. Either blasting music or talking and eating. This is mainly for you high school and college kids that have the permission to be out late. Go ding dong ditching, we're young it's okay to do something crazy.

Go to a Park

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Parks are fun. Go get on the slides and the swings. Have some deep talks. Play soccer or basketball. Invite other people. Last time I did this was the last day of senior year. My friend wanted to hang out one last time before I moved. So we just sat on the swings while it rained, talking.

Play Games

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Hang out and play video games or phone games. I did this with my friends multiple times after school. We'd just hang out at someones place and play Charades or Pictionary. Heck go play tag or hide and seek, you are never too old for anything. It's all about being together and having fun.

Read Magazines

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I'm a magazine lover and collector (mainly for the posters). Whenever I have friends over they start looking through them. We always end up quizzing each other while listening to music. Gossip about celebrities, girls/boys. Get to know each others likes and dislikes.


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You don't need to have a party to dance with your friends. Turn up to your favorite songs. Dance battle, show each other new moves, play just dance. Lose yourselves in the music. Make fun of each other, teach each other.


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Whether it's in a car, in the living room, while jumping in
bed or even just sitting. Sing together or let everyone have a turn. Have a karaoke night. Look up karaoke versions of your favorite songs. Rate each other or don't, just have fun.

Bake or Cook

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Bake a cake or make a pizza. Cooking with friends is always fun. Mess around but clean up. While you wait talk. One time my friends and I did this and while we waited we scrolled through WeHeartIt. Yes I got them into this amazing app. Eat together.

Movie Night

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Make some popcorn and have some laughs or jump scares with your friends. Cuddle, do each other's hair.

Dress Up

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Dressing up with your friends is always fun and crazy. Together you can help each other find new looks.

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There is no big or small thing you can do with your friends. Heck my friends and I always just looked for excuses to be together. The point is to spend time with each other, share special moments and make great memories.Recently one of my friends and I literally just hung out to talk about bands and watched youtube videos. We then ate, watched her quinceanera movie and listened to the Midnight Memories album by One Direction. Now go out make plans and get closer to your friends. And if you don't have any friends these are great ways to start making some.Invite someone over, get to know them and BAM.

- Dulce (@aestheticaliens - now @nonsensica)

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