there was a conversation on facebook that really made me mad, I commented my opinions and automatically i got attack for it.

" someone posted this: the high schools, should have a special needs prom? I know a few school in our state that have special needs prom's my school doesn't do it and i think it's needed.

I just think that prom should include everyone for their last time together to have fun before finals and graduation. Do you think I should have had to go to a different prom because I have special needs? I think going to a regular prom with all of my peers made me feel more excepted and included. Maybe the overall prom should accommodate for everyone involved. If a group of people have epileptic seizures for example, then maybe the school should accommodate for that as a whole community of peers that will probably understand. I’m just saying that they have always had involvement in the proms held for the entire class with no problems. And when’s the last time you saw a person with special needs at a prom that was not happy as can be? How are they supposed to feel normal and excepted if the school has to make an entirely new event in their favor?
I’m saying that the school should maybe not have flashing lights to accommodate. If an average classmate went to the school and said “hey can we discuss the lights at prom because I have seizures” I’m sure the school will be more than likely to accommodate. There was a girl that had to do that because she was more susceptible to seizures and the school was happy to take away strobe and flashing lights.
I have special needs? and I strongly disagree.