Hello Spooky hearters,

Today we will be looking at the best things do do this Halloween! Hope this gives you some inspiration for this coming holiday!


Dressing up is always fun on Halloween. get your group of friends, boyfriend, or yourself and get into the Halloween spirit by checking some costume stores.

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Haunted Houses Or Spooky walks
Definitely recommend doing this with a group or friends or your boyfriend. A chilling walk through jump scares, screams, and spooky things..

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Carve Pumpkins
One of the very ost popular traditions for Halloween. Carve those pumpkins! Any design look amazing!

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Watch some scary movies
I only watch minor scary movies since I jump so much XP Here are some great movie lists for those thrill Halloween seekers:

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Halloween Beauty
Another idea to get into Halloween is to paint your nails, do some Halloween makeup, and some cool hairstyles for a costume.

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Halloween Party
Invite a bunch of people to get together and dress up, bob for apples, watch creepy movies, and more!

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Thanks for reading!
~Lexi B