Holà ! My English is not very good, but I'll try to write something with it. I made this article because autumn and winter are my favourite seasons. I love the colours, the mood, the weather, etc. I decided to write something about autumn and try to show you why this is a good time of the year.
Maybe in winter I’ll do an other article.

Hope you’ll enjoy !! 🍂✨

1) Hot drinks
I love drinking hot drinks such as a good old Chai Tea Latte, a homemade hot chocolate or a delicious Macchiato

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2) Books
When Autumn comes, reading is a great escape. Reading while Fall it’s more magical. Seeing the leaves falling and the beautiful sunsets that gives a good vibe.
During Fall you can read :
• Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling
• The Reader by Bernhard Schlink
• Girl on Paper by Guillaume Musso (and his other novels)
• Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

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3) Cooking
During this period of the year you can eat and cook tasty things like a pumpkin soup, waffles, cinnamon rolls, candy apples, pumpkin pie (or other sort of pies) homemade biscuits, etc. You also buy some of them but it’s less funny.

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4) Get cosy
To be into the mood why not watching a good movie (an old or a recent one), having blankets, warm socks and eating ? Simple and great !
You can take a warm bath too and read a book.

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5) Decorations
I love candles. I have some candles but more in autumn ! It’s so cosy and welcoming. It smells good too ! There’re a lot of scent chose the one you like (personally it’s vanilla lime from Yankee Candle).
You can also buy some cute little lights to decorate your room.
Because it’s nearly the end of October you can hang some Halloween’s decorations.

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6) Nature
Just go for a walk with family, friends, boyfriends/girlfriends or even your dog. The landscapes are breath-taking. The colours are just gorgeous now. Just go to the mountains and admire the view that offers to you.
Make a bonfire with your friends and grilled some marshmallows in the wild, that could be a great idea.

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Thanks for reading :)

Sasa 🍍