We think about love.
On accident.
On purpose.
In our free time.
When we our busy.

Just, what it would be like.

Would feel like how everyone says it would feel?
When you kiss each other for the first time, is it really shocks of electricity?
Does your automatically warm up when you think of the person?

We think about the person we will fall in love with.
On a hunch
When your in the mood.

Just, who would we fall in love with?

Is it someone I know?
Someone I'll meet in the future?
Are they thinking about me like how I am thinking about them.

We wonder what they would look like
If their eyes are brown or green
If they smirk or smile
Will they say I love you first or will you

But the scary question that we all tend to think about

Will I ever fall in love?

Will I get the opportunity to fall in love with someone?
Am I too difficult?
Is my mindset to hard for others to "look" through and fall in love with?
Is there something wrong with me?

Is there a love out there for me?

Hi, its me again, I wrote this article because this topic has been on my mind recently. I haven't been in love yet and I don't know if I will. It isn't like I don't want to, I do. But they say that our love is somewhere out there and it will reach us when we get there
Until next time, Nicole