I've been thinking about it for quite a while now.

For the past, maybe 5 years, our family has been surrounded by a network of communities of various types of families. A lot of them are households from India/Pakistan/Iraq or some other place overseas. Some are first generation, some second, some are smaller, some are bigger families.

What has struck me was seeing how "homely" these households are. They have this magical ambiance that makes their place feel somehow sacred.

If the second generation families are already living in prosperity created by their previous generation, first generation families are ever so eager to raise their socio-economic status so that their family can enjoy better opportunities and resources. The parents of both first and second generations strongly encourage their children to get top grades in academics and "shoot for the stars" (aka study for high paying and secure career paths), as a result of which well being and prosperity are ensured.

While money does not directly bring happiness, it is brought by having copious opportunities that the family would not have access to otherwise. In addition, as oriental families place strong emphasis on family, community, and faith, these families acquire a purpose with which they can serve their communities and, thus, enrich their lives.

It is ultimately the Eastern, oriental traditions mixed with the Western ways that makes their place so spectacular. It is the feel of your own culture finally being represented as valid and triumphant. It is seeing the people of your own kind, that are so very close to you and that you love and value so much live in liberty and thrive.

How can this not be everyone's ultimate dream? It is, undoubtedly, mine.