Hello everyone!
Today I will write the 3 and 4 reasons why I love Japan!

3)The Kimono. Kimono is one of the things I love about Japan. Is such a beautiful and elegant dress! In Japan, Kimono is a well-known apparel; indispensable (as we are a pair of trousers)!
The term "Kimono" originally indicated all types of clothing, but is now used only for the boss we all know. Kimono is worn on special occasions by women, men and children.
The Kimono come in different colors, styles and sizes. Men wear gerengy darker colors, Women, on the other hand, wear brighter or pastel colors, decorated with beautiful (and complicated) abstract or floral drawings. Summer Kimono, however, is lighter and almost always only reaches to the knees. They are called Yukata.
Formal Kimono is worn on many layers, the number, style, sleeve length and model choice being determined by social status.

4)Sushi and Sashimi.
I LOVE Sushi and Sashimi!
They are two basic dishes of traditional Japanese cuisine based on fish, rice and miso (rice for Japanese is a very important element, infact each meal a food containing rice is always there). For those who do not know, Sushi and Sashimi are two different dishes.
Sushi is a rice ball cooked with raw, or inside, raw fish (sometimes also containing algae); while the Sashimi are simply crude fish (or meat, it depends on what you order) accompanied only by soy sauce or Wasabi.
Today, when we think of Japan, comes immediately to mind the sushi, because there are a lot of people around the world who like it very much (like me ahaha)!

Okay guys! For today I stand here. See you tomorrow with points 5 and 6!