I always struggle to have the perfect Instagram feed.
I know, life shouldn't be based on a foolish social media, however it gives me a feeling of satisfaction and it also makes me feel kind of arty.
Am I the only one?

Here you can find 10 autumn picture ideas you can easily recreate.

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1. take photos of your outfits. You can both take mirror selfies or you can ask a firend to take a picture.
fall, candle, and autumn image autumn, book, and candle image
2. take a picture of a candle you particulary like. Use a sweater as a background.
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3. go to a coffee shop and take pictures of yourself as well as coffee.
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4. take pictures in nature. You can go to a park or on a hike and celebrate the moment with photos.
autumn, autumnal, and fall image autumn, fall, and girl image
5. use fall leaves in your photos.
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6. what's autumn without coffee and tea?
book, autumn, and coffee image book, autumn, and fall image
7. take pictures of your favourite books in your house or in a park.
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8. take pictures of your autumn room decorations.
autumn, fall, and leaves image autumn, fall, and street image
9. photograph nature.One of the most beautiful things during this season is autumn itself.
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10. Enjoy sweater weather season! Take pictures of yourself in the autumn beauty.

Hope you enjoyed this article. If you need some autumn inspiration, you can check out these collections.

Sofia xx