When I was a child I promised my mom not to love anybody more than her. She kissed and told me : " You can't darling."
I told her :" I can. Because I love you more than my dad, sister and brother."
She told me: " One day somebody will come and you will love that person more than me."
When I was a teenager I had a best friend whom I love a lot, But I thought to myself. :" I love mom more than my friend."
When I get older I fell in love.I thought I can't keep my promise. Then I told myself: " who I love the most? "
And from the bottom of my heart I choose MOM.
Years passed and somebody came to my life. Somebody that was all my world. That day mom smiled:" I told you this day would come."
I thought to myself...I love this person more than my mom.
I broke my promise the day I become a MOTHER...
Happy wishes to my Happy followers :)